Juicy Couture Accessories - Juicy Couture Leopard Scarf

Juicy Couture Leopard Scarf

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Juicy Couture Leopard Scarf

Soft, jersey material. In excellent condition. Was hardly used. Approx. 72 inches long.
Seller Discount: 15% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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pdub341Do you trade?
Jul 28 02:20PM
jennfromhi@pdub341 not right now sorry!
Jul 28 08:32PM
alee_rocha24I'll give you 15?
Sep 10 12:12PM
Sep 10 12:41PM
jennfromhi@alee_rocha24 sorry thats too low
Sep 10 01:50PM
jennfromhi@ilovepatrick sorry i didnt see anything that i liked
Sep 10 01:50PM
suemeeWill you take $18
Sep 10 11:54PM
jennfromhiMy lowest is $25 if you can pay through paypal @suemee
Sep 11 12:38AM
suemeeIf its through PayPal is there still shipping?
Sep 11 01:00PM
jennfromhi@suemee thats with shipping included
Sep 11 02:42PM
suemeeOk how do I pay through PayPal?
Sep 12 10:36AM
jennfromhi@suemee send to ivegotspunk@gmail.com. Dont forget to include your shipping address.
Sep 12 11:20AM
suemeeIt will be on my PayPal account
Sep 12 11:26AM
briannamarieg2I really love that sweater. Scarf is cute too. But we're can I find that sweater?
Nov 04 07:03PM
lizcWhat's your lowest?
Nov 17 08:08PM
jennfromhi@lizc sorry thats my lowest
Nov 18 09:55AM
jennfromhi@luxelogic its ready!
Dec 01 11:10AM
jennfromhi@luxelogic sorry...have to think about it some more :/
Dec 01 12:09PM
luxelogicNo problem. Let me know if you change your mind. The dress is super cute!!
Dec 01 12:11PM
blondnc@jennfromhi trade ?
Dec 18 07:02AM
mariaelenaAre you willing to take 12?
Jan 06 07:57PM
jennfromhi@mariaelena no sorry
Jan 06 08:26PM
shanlyn@jennfromhi u mentioned a trade on my blue shirt dress is there anything else u like ? I'd like this scarf & or ur old navy jacket wyt
Jan 06 11:13PM
blondnc@jennfromhi trade ?
Feb 14 05:26AM
blondnc@jennfromhi 👆👆
Feb 16 11:54AM
jennfromhi@blondnc sorry not doing trades at the moment
Feb 17 12:00AM

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