REDUCED Three tone statement necklace

Beautiful necklace with rhinestones of different sizes and tones black gray and clear
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
devochkany@maryellen interested??
Jun 06 08:13PM
devochkany@cheyeco interested??
Jun 08 11:33PM
devochkany@maryellen @cheyeco @kendraoxedale price has been reduced!
Jun 09 02:54PM
devochkany@kendraoxendale please see above comment
Jun 09 02:55PM
devochkany@tkelly interested??
Jun 12 08:01PM
devochkany@alliecat312 would you like to bundle the two necklaces you liked?
Jun 21 07:49AM
devochkany@alliecat312 how about 2 for $30?
Jun 21 07:51AM
alliecat312Yeah I would do 2 for $30
Jun 21 12:47PM
devochkany@alliecat312 ok I'll reserve it for you. I wont be able to ship until July 1st. So you have time to pay for it
Jun 21 12:49PM
alliecat312So sorry but I am going to have pass some stuff came up
Jun 25 05:59PM
lady_v23This is gorg
Jun 28 12:41PM
devochkany@vagnolah interested in buying?
Jun 28 01:11PM
lady_v23It's gorgeous but I'm trying to cut down haha
Jun 28 01:21PM
devochkany@juliepointer1 interested? Make me an offer
Jun 28 03:43PM
devochkany@alliecat312 this is still available in case you've changed Ur mind
Jun 28 03:44PM
juliepointer1I love this, but will have to wait awhile;( I've been spending way too much this month"
Jun 28 03:44PM
devochkany@juliepointer1 me too! Mostly buying stuff from you! LolšŸ˜œ
Jun 28 03:45PM
juliepointer1Lol! I will return the favor shortly!;) I've got 2 silk juicy dresses to list soon...just for you;)
Jun 28 03:46PM
devochkany@juliepointer1 lol thanks!
Jun 28 03:47PM
devochkany@roadtovegan interested?
Jul 02 12:06AM
devochkany@vagnolah @juliepointer1 reduced!!
Jul 11 07:15AM
koneill620Can you model
Jul 11 10:29PM
devochkany@koneill620 posted!
Jul 12 05:42AM
eriikagarciiado u trade?
Jul 13 09:12PM
devochkany@eriikagarciia not doing trades right now. Sorry
Jul 14 04:49AM
juliepointer1I love this;) but would never wear it;(
Jul 16 10:59PM
devochkany@tshahera bundle Ur likes??
Jul 26 04:15PM
Aug 02 08:52PM
devochkany@mbl24 interested??
Aug 03 07:04AM
devochkany@vand interested?
Aug 03 07:05AM
devochkany@bxirishdeb interested??
Aug 03 07:05AM
devochkany@monileslie interested?
Aug 03 07:06AM
devochkany@stephmg83 interested??
Aug 03 07:07AM
devochkany@nirbles interested??
Aug 03 07:07AM
devochkany@triplyksis interested??
Aug 03 07:08AM
devochkany@jojo interested??
Aug 03 07:09AM
devochkany@heatherbaby interested?
Aug 03 07:09AM
devochkany@fashionableeme interested??
Aug 03 07:09AM
devochkany@ambernickle interested??
Aug 05 07:36AM
devochkany@linhmytong interested??
Aug 05 09:47AM
devochkany@sue6 interested??
Aug 05 09:51PM
devochkany@meemsak interested??
Aug 06 06:38PM
meemsak@devochkany really like it, but not buying right now. Will keep you in mind when I am though!
Aug 06 06:55PM
devochkany@juliepointer1 interested??
Aug 10 05:51PM
juliepointer1I've been admiring it for forever;) I'll have to see how this weekend goes;)
Aug 10 05:58PM
Aug 12 08:11AM
devochkany@alvictoria interested?
Aug 12 08:54AM
devochkany@wenrella interested??
Aug 17 08:14AM
devochkany@mireyaaaaa interested??
Aug 17 08:14AM
juliepointer1Is this itchy to wear?:) I'm still going back to admire it;) and thinking about swapping you those earrings too!;)
Aug 17 05:38PM
devochkany@juliepointer1 nope not it itchy at all :)
Aug 17 06:14PM
devochkany@shoelover11 interested?
Aug 26 07:30PM
shoelover11Would you consider $17? I would buy tonight! Very beautiful!
Aug 26 07:36PM
devochkany@shoelover11 how about we meet in the middle at $20?!
Aug 26 07:42PM
shoelover11Ok sure if you can adjust I will buy now. Thanks so much!
Aug 26 07:43PM
devochkany@shoelover11 done!
Aug 26 07:44PM
shoelover11Thanks!!! Can't wait for it!
Aug 26 07:46PM
shoelover11Thanks just received today! I love it!
Aug 30 11:47AM
bernicerDo you have another one?
Nov 16 04:27PM
devochkany@bernicer no sorry :( email me at to discuss a bundle on your other likes!
Nov 16 04:38PM
bernicerIll go thigh your closet tmrw and see what we come up with!
Nov 16 07:37PM

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