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BUNDLe! @Almoyes Red Dior Wallet& AofE necklace

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BUNDLe! @Almoyes Red Dior Wallet& AofE necklace

Great Dior quilted, Bordeaux/wine colored, wallet/clutch. Multiple credit card slots, multiple bill compartments, coin compartment. Also, Alchemy of England necklace, 2 Bats guarding Cross, Collectors edition 2003. I dopped off $28😘😘
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marthalynnYay! You're back!! Hope the move is going well :)
Jun 01 05:09PM
enigma@marthalynn πŸ’‹back about 15%!! I was getting horrid PM withdrawals!! Hehe..not even a little bit unpacked yet, but I'm working on it!! 😘
Jun 01 05:22PM
julietj316You're back! πŸ˜ƒ
Jun 05 06:02PM
enigma@julietj316 hehe..just a small boxful back..but it's a start 😘
Jun 05 06:18PM
lovedanaMissed you :)
Jun 08 06:01PM
enigma@lovedana mwah!!😘
Jun 08 07:16PM
madenparisHi everyone please come check out my closet, will make deals! Also I'm adding new items almost everyday :))
Jul 01 12:30PM
enigma@tracy0815 let me know if you have any ?'s on any of my listings.. 😘
Jul 04 12:30AM
joyshahar@enigma is this authentic ?
Jul 30 04:01PM
enigma@joyshahar I only have authentic items, this is from NM Las Vegas
Jul 30 04:02PM
joyshahar@enigma ooh ok but is it a little dirty ? And how many times has it been used?
Jul 30 04:14PM
enigma@joyshahar it's a beautiful authentic wallet, priced very low considering any wear, I always check eBay, malleries, bbos and pm and price much lower than anything comparable 😘thanks for looking
Jul 30 04:24PM
casanova884I love it! Let me know if u ever want to trade with me with anything :) thanks so much for sharing I really appreciate it
Aug 05 10:27AM
enigma@casanova884 You have a lovely closet to share!😘
Aug 05 08:51PM
casanova884Yea my Dior wallet got stolen :( so I need a new used one lol
Aug 05 09:06PM
enigma@casanova884 that is horrid! I love bright colors for wallets, easier to keep track of, unless of course, someone steals 😳
Aug 06 11:00AM
casanova884Would you trade tho? How is the damage on this one? Btw thanks for catering to me I've been so nice! I've found some mean mouthed chicks here lol
Aug 06 11:02AM
enigma@casanova884 I really don't trade, there aren't too many of us xxs girls, so I thought you would rock those jeans😘. This is in great shape, it's not a bright red, it's a Bordeaux, so in pics it almost looks dirty, although its not..I'm thinking of raising the price, I compared eBay listings again, after previous poster's comments made me πŸ˜–and these are going used $300+
Aug 06 11:09AM
casanova884Yea it is beautiful ! I love those jeans too I would prefer cash for my leather jacket if the other buyer cancel or dont come thru do u still want the jacket for the jeans? No.. No Rick Owens lol
Aug 06 07:54PM
enigma@casanova884 sell it hon, I have so many leather jackets 😳you draped it well! It falls like some of his 😍
Aug 06 07:56PM
casanova884Lol! U crack me up!
Aug 06 07:57PM
star@enigma hi doll miss you hey if you know anyone who might want to trade me for my Alexander McQueen silk scarf for some tb or MK ballerina flats pls let me know
Aug 10 10:21AM
enigma@star ok, I will keep πŸ‘€ open 4 that!!
Aug 10 10:52AM
enigma@puraolivida tu!😘
Aug 22 11:02AM
casanova884Hey I have new listing posted. Pls take a look if u wanna trade?
Aug 23 09:42PM
searching4ePlease lmk if you ever decide to trade ☺
Sep 03 03:46PM
enigma@searching4e 😘ok, I will let you know
Sep 03 05:19PM
enigma@lovedana πŸ’‹tu!πŸ’‹
Sep 05 02:25PM
enigma@sw33tt πŸ’tu!πŸ’
Sep 09 01:50PM
enigma@viviaaan thank you!πŸ’
Sep 11 10:49PM
enigma@viviaaann πŸ’thank you!πŸ’
Sep 11 10:50PM
viviaaannNp! Super cute☺
Sep 11 10:52PM
enigma@jglam πŸ’tu!!πŸ’
Sep 14 07:30PM
emmequinnSo pretty! How much was this used?
Sep 18 01:22PM
enigma@emmequinn hardly used..I never end up using the larger wallets I buy😁😳
Sep 18 01:32PM
emmequinnI only use the large ones!! Carry too much crap I guess!!! W 3 little ones under 5.. I have a lot to carry around I guess!!!
Sep 18 09:00PM
enigma@emmequinn seriously, 3 kiss??? That's crazy what you want you are a saint I. My book!!!
Sep 18 09:02PM
enigma@emmequinn kids !!!
Sep 18 09:02PM
emmequinnThanks!! Yup!! 3! They kill me daily! I have 5, 3, and 11 months! Oldest is a boy and other two are girls!!! It's exhausting!!! But they are gorgeous and so sweet! My two girls are on my page somewhere.. Lots of work!! Def don't get to look like you anymore!! :(
Sep 18 09:24PM
enigma@guineveregemini 🎸Thank you!🎸
Oct 03 09:50AM
guineveregemini@enigma You're welcome! And Thank you! Much Aloha🌺
Oct 03 09:52AM
enigma@kspiri2 🌾thank you for sharing!🌾
Oct 04 09:55AM
donna1991How much?
Oct 20 10:48PM
enigma@donna1991 the price is listed, hon.. $167😘
Oct 20 11:07PM
Oct 20 11:08PM
enigma@donna1991 I only sell authentic items, Dior means Dior 😘
Oct 20 11:13PM
donna1991Habla espaΓ±ol sorry no la entiendo :(
Oct 20 11:14PM
enigma@donna1991 hehe..Dior esta Dior, sweetie, I'm not good at Spanish, German, French and a leetle Russian 😘😘
Oct 20 11:16PM
enigma@elisabeta 🌷thank you so much!🌷
Oct 23 11:00AM
blaze@donna1991 a @enigma solo vende cosas autenticas. Su amarario es fantastico. Hehe
Oct 23 11:17AM
blaze@donna1991 pero poshmark es solo para los ciudadanos de eeuu...
Oct 23 11:18AM
enigma@blaze thank you sweetie..that was really gracious of you!!πŸ’
Oct 23 11:23AM
donna1991Quien te dijo a ti eso jajajajaaaaa
Oct 23 09:41PM
donna1991Poshmark es para quien le de la gana sorry lol
Oct 23 09:42PM
donna1991Aparte yo soy ciudadana de los EEUU gracias a dios llegue a este pais con ciudadania jojo
Oct 23 09:43PM
enigma@blaze help please😳😘😳
Oct 23 09:44PM
blazeLo siento! Pensaba que este de otro pais. Algunas personas usan pm sin ciudadano de eeuu.
Oct 23 11:17PM
shill@rdesigns85 @moshulu @searching4e @filledoux @hispath5 @kspiri2 @poshbagz I'm sure you ladies have seen this already, I can't help but to share again :)
Oct 26 11:39AM
enigma@shill aww! Thank you! 😘
Oct 26 11:49AM
searching4e@shill Yes, it's quite delish and would go well with my quilted bag....😍
Oct 26 12:21PM
filledoux@shill hehehe. Noted. And been liked and mulled over a thousand times😝
Oct 26 12:30PM
enigma@katef 🌻thank you for sharing!!🌻
Nov 04 09:32PM
intisaraThanks. 😊
Nov 06 01:09PM
enigma@devinsjules 🍷thank you for all the shares!🍷
Nov 08 04:11PM
jenniferlove@itsjustvee ❀
Nov 12 11:01AM
enigma@jenniferlove 😘
Nov 13 09:52AM
enigma@pinkdollhouse 🌷thank you for sharing!!🌷
Nov 13 09:59AM
almoyeslet's add my necklace to this listing for a bundle! anything you "need" from my closet? if no, just tag me when ready to go. need to catch up on sleep and heading out by 6am tomorrow, so lights out now. I'll be free by mid/late afternoon tomorrow (Friday) ξ„˜ξ„™
Nov 15 09:33PM
enigma@almoyes d'accord Chéri! I'm taking a weekend to myself prior to the let me know when you would like a bundle! I do love the Manolos..but I fret they might not fit me..and I'm am not budgeted for them right now..sigh..Seufzer know..I miss the days of random insane shopping..oh! That would be the single days..hmm..ach!!😳😳😒😘😘
Nov 16 01:59PM
almoyesHmmm...wondering if I can trade this bundle towards the Manolos and then reduce the remaining cost on those bad boys for you? Also, if you want to try them on, let's set a date! I am in your area every now and then and can meet up 
Nov 17 07:08AM
almoyesemail me (see PM profile) to work out logistics to try the shoes on and I will also give you an insane, reduced PM quote for them but only bc you are among my fave, trusted PMers ξ˜ξ„†ξ˜ also, bc I want them out of my closet pronto, hehe
Nov 17 07:34AM
enigma@almoyes I had a small sleep-in today😘 That could work..I just need to put funding together in my stash fund (which Burberry lightly depleted - darn them!!), so I would need to sell something mad..I'll work on it😘
Nov 17 09:22AM
enigma@almoyes ok..I just saw the second msg..I need coffee! I'll get on this later today, 😘thank you!😘
Nov 17 09:23AM
enigma@almoyes 😘😘
Dec 02 09:35AM
enigma@almoyes hurry..hehe
Dec 02 09:36AM
almoyesSo excited to receive these! Thank you very much, dear!!
Dec 02 09:40AM
enigma@almoyes YAAY!! YAAY!! Ok..thank you!! In the way to you you should have very quickly!😘thank you so much..I will adore the heels forever😘😘
Dec 02 09:41AM
almoyesguess what I woke up to this morning? It was as if you sent me a Christmas package and I just kept reaching in and getting unexpected goodies. I haven't ever gotten a package quite like this. Omg, I LOVE both wallet and necklace! And the extras goodies you added--love the leather pouch  Only things missing were  fail  Hehe. Thank you, dear!!
Dec 05 07:46AM
enigma@almoyes oh! YAAY!! So glad you love them both!! I have always loved red wallets..they seem to bring good luck and I'm sure you just make the necklace stand out beautifully!! So sorry no petit fours..😳😳..was nervous of mess..🍬🍒🍑..just can't wait for the MB's ohh..I love shoes just too much!!😘😘
Dec 05 09:50AM

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