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Bundle: Cardigan & sunnies for @icigloo

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Bundle: Cardigan & sunnies for @icigloo

Lightweight, sheer and perfect for summer. I bought this pretty top at a boutique in Kansas City and have only worn it twice.
Seller Discount: 15% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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jeffreypmarshThe pier at maxwells! Came on here shopping for my GF and stumbled upon another hobokenite! Excellent copywriting and pics! Keep it up
Jun 01 11:14PM
iciglooU look soooo pretty in all ur pics! Model like pix @styleandpepper
Aug 08 08:15PM
styleandpepperThx! This would look so great on you, too!!! @icigloo
Aug 08 08:17PM
styleandpepper@icigloo bundled!
Aug 08 08:53PM
iciglooWould u pls include the skirt? Please!?? @styleandpepper
Aug 08 08:54PM
iciglooU want to trade through pm or reg mail?? @styleandpepper
Aug 08 08:56PM
styleandpepperYou're welcome to purchase the skirt of you'd like but these two things make it a fair trade for the jacket of yours.
Aug 08 08:57PM
Aug 08 08:57PM
iciglooU didnt want anything else from my closet? @styleandpepper
Aug 08 08:59PM
styleandpepperNo, sorry @icigloo I'm trying to pare down.
Aug 08 09:00PM
iciglooOk, I only have $7 (shipping) + $5 on my pm account. Would u put list amount $5 here?
Aug 08 09:02PM
Aug 08 09:02PM
styleandpepperSorry, I have to leave it as is... Please just purchase within the next few minutes (and I'll get your jacket) otherwise I'll have to unbundle. @icigloo
Aug 08 09:06PM
Aug 08 09:06PM
Aug 08 09:06PM
iciglooI list the jacket to $0. Pls reconsider to $8 @styleandpepper
Aug 08 09:08PM
iciglooUr list price still at $40??? Need to put it to $0 when trading! Pls, add the skirt @styleandpepper
Aug 08 09:13PM
styleandpepper@icigloo Calm down, I just changed it.
Aug 08 09:18PM
icigloo@styleandpepper have u shipped the items yet? Urs should arrive by 2morrow per the USPS confirmation....
Aug 10 09:27AM

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