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HOLD2 piece Dolce & Gabbana Vest&Trousers

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HOLD2 piece Dolce & Gabbana Vest&Trousers

This set totally rocks! Brown striped vest and brown striped trousers both size 38, both from Dolce&Gabbana. Leopard print lining on the vest. This is Dolce & Gabbana! not D&G.✂inseam 31" ✂waist 14" across✂
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enigma@cath_stylist 💐tu!!💐
Sep 08 11:32AM
lizharI'm not familiar w/sizing on D&G cloths. What size does it compare to in american sizing? (ie 2,4,6,8, etc...)
Sep 12 11:44PM
enigma@lizhar hi there..38 Italian in this is pretty close to a 2, but I would be happy to measure for you in the morning..let me know 😘
Sep 12 11:51PM
lizharThanks for the offer but don't bother b/c I'm not even CLOSE to a size 2. Put a 1 in front of the 2 then MAYBE I'd have a chance of fitting into it! 😓
Sep 12 11:54PM
enigma@lizhar ok, no worries..😘
Sep 13 09:01AM
Sep 16 05:26PM
enigma@cindyming I'm sorry, I no longer trade, but thank you for offering!😘
Sep 16 05:28PM
casanova884Looks great on u!! Don't sell
Oct 07 06:28PM
enigma@casanova884 aw!! Thank you! I have about 12 of the almost same suits from Dolce and Gabbana, and I don't wear suits everyday right now...😘
Oct 07 06:35PM
enigma@manish 🌿thank you for sharing!🌿
Nov 15 10:07PM
enigma@courterlynn93 🌷thank you for sharing!🌷
Nov 16 10:55AM
linzluvslabelsHi my dear, how are you? Long time no that you in the first pic? If so your a pretty Enigma! If not, I'm sure your just as pretty...and still an Enigma. Love the hand gesture! haha!
Dec 03 11:40AM
enigma@linzluvslabels hi there!! How's stuff?? Yep, that's little old me hamming it up for the camera..haha
Dec 03 11:55AM
linzluvslabelsWell you, your shiny black hair and your middle finger look fabulous dahhhling. 
Dec 04 02:31PM
enigma@linzluvslabels you are so bad!! Haha..that's really my index finger, but it does look like that!! I tagged you in a gorgeous all saints dress and a chrome hearts tank..awhile ago, I'll have to see if they are still up..I hope stuff is getting better!!😘😘
Dec 04 02:49PM
linzluvslabelsOh my heart is jumping. Did you find them? I'll look also.CHROME HEARTS esp... Your the best!
Dec 04 06:08PM
susannicoleLove this cover shot!! So badass💋💋
Dec 12 02:46PM
enigma@susannicole aw! Thank you😘😘happy Hollies..sweets!
Dec 12 02:51PM
enigma@cuccdn 🌱thank you for sharing !🌱
Dec 13 04:02PM
cuccdn@enigma your quite welcome! And...Thank You!!😘greatly Appreciated💐
Dec 13 04:12PM
enigma@jguest17 🌺thank you for the shares!🌺
Jan 02 02:13PM
jguest17Thank you too! Great closet ;)
Jan 02 02:15PM
linzluvslabelsOh where oh where could my Enigma be, oh where oh where could she be. I missed ya doll. Let's play catch up. I DO NOT befriend people so easily on the Internet. But I know that you are my kinda people. For the love of Hermes! We settle for nothing but the best! And you and I are two of the best : ) do you have me Gmail email account???? Ta Ta for now. Much love! Linz.
Jan 09 03:33PM
enigma@linzluvslabels hey! Hey! Email me on mine!! I couldn't find the tag the other night and I had had 2 glasses of I wasn't pm'ing too much..
Jan 09 03:58PM
tiatia826@enigma Oh man, you are truly rockin' this outfit! Gorgeous! You, and the vest & slacks, of course! :-)
Jan 14 05:49AM
enigma@tiatia826 thank you!! And thank you for the shares!😘
Jan 14 10:58AM
tiatia826@enigma You are most welcome!
Jan 14 02:54PM
kmac3849Can you measure waist ??
Jan 24 04:13AM
kmac3849And length ?
Jan 24 04:13AM
enigma@kmac3849 I'll tag you when I have those up!😘
Jan 24 08:53AM
kmac3849Ok thanks.
Jan 24 08:58AM
koko65@enigma I want this baby sooo bad! But I'm not sure if it will fit me😔 Would you please let me know measurements😘
Jan 26 10:07AM
enigma@kmac3849 @koko65 argh..I'm a slowpoke..I need to measure this, for you both! I'm going to hold it until I get those done!!😘
Jan 26 10:38AM
koko65@enigma 😘😘😘😘
Jan 26 10:40AM
kmac3849Yes. Ok. Like koko I don't know if it will fit either !! Need measurements.
Jan 26 04:03PM
enigma@kmac3849 @koko65 yes, I totally understand. My listing closet is in the guest room, and my MIL is staying in there until Monday, which is rather restricting my PM capabilities (amongst other things..), but I will be back full force Monday, with measurements, sanity, and time to PM!😘
Jan 26 04:09PM
kmac3849Yes. No problem. !! Understand.
Jan 26 04:10PM
koko65@enigma Sure!!! No worries I totally understand😜
Jan 26 09:57PM
enigma@koko65 @kmac3849 YAAY!! Here you go!! 😘
Jan 28 12:36PM
kmac3849Ok looking to see if it wiil fit. So 14 across is 28 waist ?? 31 inseam. ?
Jan 28 01:21PM
kmac3849It will fit me !!! You must be same height as me. ! Lol. Ok @koko65 ... I already bought something she wanted. So ....
Jan 28 01:38PM
enigma@kmac3849 yes, that right!
Jan 28 01:38PM
kmac3849I will take it if koko don't. It fits me. But I already bought a bag she wanted. !! She will kill me !! Lol. See what koko says ok. !!
Jan 28 01:39PM
enigma@kmac3849 YAAY! Ok..I'll leave this on hold until I hear the plan..hehe😘
Jan 28 01:41PM
kmac3849Yes. I don't want posh enemies !! Lol. I'm not one of them !!!
Jan 28 01:41PM
enigma@kmac3849 nor worth the Karma!! I hear you!😘😘
Jan 28 02:24PM
kmac3849I love it. So if she don't buy it tell me ill buy it. Do you accept PayPal ??
Jan 28 02:35PM
enigma@kmac3849 I'm sorry, I don't pp
Jan 28 02:46PM
kmac3849Ok. No problem.
Jan 28 02:47PM
kmac3849I have no problem checking out on posh !! I ajways ask before Because some use it
Jan 28 02:47PM
koko65@enigma Thanks a lot!!! But it will not fit me!!! I'm a 30 waist 😔 I apologize for the inconvenience @kmac3849 I guess you are getting this baby too😡 Haha! Just kidding! Please don't worry and thanks for giving me the first choice! You both are very nice ladies😘😘😘
Jan 28 05:34PM
kmac3849@koko65 Omg. Really. ? I feel so bad. But now maybe you'll buy my Gucci ;)))
Jan 28 05:35PM
kmac3849Yea once I saw 28. I was like ok. I'm a 27 with 31 inseam. Ohh yes!!!@koko65
Jan 28 05:36PM
koko65@kmac3849 You betcha! I'm working on it😉
Jan 28 05:38PM
enigma@kmac3849 @koko65 hi there..I love the way you 2 work..I'm on the road between errands ..lowering this now..and if I cut out..I'll catch you in a little bit😘😘
Jan 28 05:59PM
kmac3849Ok. You have it on hold ill pay it later. I tried hitting now and it keeps telling me invalid ccv. The card is at home !!
Jan 28 06:30PM
koko65@enigma PLEASE NO POSHING WHILE DRIVING! 👮Get home safe😘
Jan 28 06:33PM
veeclosetLoving the attitude! Thanks for sharing my dear :)
Jan 28 10:29PM
enigma@veecloset 🔁back at you..pretty lady!!! Tu!💐😘
Jan 28 10:33PM
kmac3849Is 2am in New Jersey and this thing tells me invalid zip code and ccv still ?? I don't know why. Ok I'll try agsin in morning !!!!really weird. Never had it happen.
Jan 28 11:11PM
enigma@kmac3849 go to sleep sweets..tomorrow is another day to shop a little bit..😘 probably wants to verify..sometimes they like to chitchat too, lonely souls..nobody will buy, I have a no snipe standard😘😘
Jan 28 11:14PM
kmac3849Ah ha. Yes I'll try again in morning. Just Erks me that's all. No snipe. !! Love it.
Jan 28 11:16PM
kmac3849Omg still saying this. ! Can you believe I might have to go buy a gift card. ?? Lol. It keeps saying invalid ccv and zip code
Jan 29 09:14AM
enigma@kmac3849 hmm..that's weird!! Did your address change? When I moved, something like that happened, until I updated everything..hehe..I felt silly..if you just call them, they can fix!! ..ok, it's just keep me posted😘😘
Jan 29 09:28AM
kmac3849No I purchased something on posh yesterday lol. Then when Trued it. Said incorrect billing
Jan 29 09:29AM
enigma@kmac3849 YAAY!! You did it!! Ok..I'll have this great set out to you in the A.M. I know you will totally make it pop!!!! Thank you!! I'm rather excited for you to get it!!😘😘
Jan 29 06:09PM
kmac3849Thanks yes. I finally got it to work ! Thanks
Jan 29 06:10PM
kmac3849Beautiful ! Thanks so much !
Feb 01 11:30AM
enigma@kmac3849 Yaay! wow! That was fast!! Thank you for letting me know! I'm so very glad you love it!!😘😘
Feb 01 11:32AM
kmac3849It's beautiful my dear !!
Feb 01 11:36AM
kmac3849Thanks for all the goodies !! Instructions , gifts and etc !! Awesome seller !!
Feb 01 05:55PM
enigma@kmac3849 YAAY!! Thank you so much!! It fits well?? I'm sorry if I get picky with instructions, I don't trust very many Dry cleaners..haha..they have killed beautiful, rare, innocent things of mine, over the years!!😘😘
Feb 01 06:50PM
kmac3849I Didnt try it yet. But it looks like it should. If not ill get in it for sure !! Top definatly fits !
Feb 01 06:53PM
dcruzinlv@enigma such great closet!! And you're beautiful!
Feb 02 10:30AM
enigma@ttrust I know I have another of this in 38, as well, with the matching jacket, and the same pinstripe in navy, and a variation of the bold brown stripe. The rest are pretty much black, grey, or pinstripe on black, I think, and a couple white ones, still packed. I just overprotect packed and stored with the move! I treat clothes like fine china, my honey says..haha
Mar 05 08:36PM
ttrustOk ok! Do NOT sell this! Put it in my pile! Please! I need to ask you a couple questions about size via email ... Can I just come to your closet? I will bring wine, champagne, vodka, scotch ... Whatever you want haha!
Mar 06 05:38AM
enigma@ttrust ok, I'll put this one on side. It's the full set though, so jacket, vest, trousers.
Mar 06 08:01AM
enigma@ttrust ok! You have my email. Gaillard.charis and it's gmail. 😘
Mar 06 08:03AM
jodiqueenSuper cool closet! Love just about everything!
Mar 25 09:28PM
enigma@jodiqueen Thank you, so very much!😘
Mar 25 10:31PM
enigma@drgardner I have another of this same one with the jacket, vest & trousers. It's a brown pinstripe.
Mar 31 05:51PM
enigma@drgardner It's a 38
Mar 31 05:52PM
drgardnerProb not a vest set. Would like a more classic suit. Wish you lived close by. Would love a redo
Mar 31 05:57PM
drgardnerPs and guess who is following me now?
Mar 31 05:59PM
enigma@drgardner is it UPP?
Mar 31 06:01PM
enigma@drgardner The best thing, is probably, if you msg me inch I can exact measure and see what works..
Mar 31 06:03PM
Mar 31 06:04PM
enigma@drgardner she tried to buy your pup earlier, but I won't let her use my cc!! I put a stop to that!!
Mar 31 06:05PM
drgardnerWhat do you mean?
Mar 31 06:16PM
enigma@drgardner You know Patty!! Always up to something naughty!!
Mar 31 06:20PM
drgardnerUse your CC? How?
Mar 31 06:21PM
enigma@drgardner You know I tried to help her make a PM account, yesterday..right? That way, people tag on the Unposh Patty posts, in HER closet NOT on mine..anyway..she's not very 'human smart!' She is a little troll, so I didn't add a card to her PM account!! Who knows what would happen!
Mar 31 06:25PM
drgardnerOmg. Is that why all your posts are in her closet???
Mar 31 06:28PM
enigma@drgardner kind of is my 'other' closet! I think people learn better with humor sometimes, but it went nutZ yesterday! Some posts went mean for a minute, but I fixed it back to good! Not my most productive day, but we had fun at the pool playing with the iPhones and iPads..hehe..
Mar 31 06:31PM
drgardnerSorry, I was a little slow on the uptake. Lol. There is some crazy stuff on PM. One if my buddies @nancyrobles97 had a hard time too.
Mar 31 06:35PM
enigma@drgardner I'll have to check out her closet!! Honestly, if you take away, the very few bad comments, yesterday's listing convos from start to end, make me laugh very hard!!! There is a bunch of great funny people on there!! 😘
Mar 31 06:39PM
drgardnerI wonder if she saw it?
Mar 31 06:40PM
enigma@drgardner Do you think people didn't realize it was me?
Mar 31 06:44PM
drgardnerI totally didn't get that it was a joke. Omg. I'm not good with humor. 😊
Mar 31 06:46PM
enigma@drgardner I think you had to be following it from the start, maybe!! I really tried to make the bags look not so real..😱
Mar 31 06:49PM
drgardnerLol. You're awesome. Keep me posted on new stuff love. You rock
Mar 31 06:54PM

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