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HOLD!NEW Tom Ford sunglasses with leather details

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HOLD!NEW Tom Ford sunglasses with leather details

Fabulous, fabulous sunglasses, by Tom Ford. These are from his first solo collection under just his name. Black leather accents on ear arms and bridge. I might have worn these once, they are large on my face, and I honestly think I bought them to celebrate after the depression I was in after he and Gucci parted ways..
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May 11 12:01PM
enigma@dunkin22 I can't on the Tom Ford's, these are like new πŸ‘€ haven't even tried to pay for themselves..😘
May 11 12:13PM
4conkeysI'm sorry but can you model these
May 13 07:17PM
enigma@4conkeys no worries, give me a minute to find the pic :)
May 13 08:21PM
enigma@4conkeys chacha there you go sweets😘
May 13 08:38PM
pyzano101014How much are these going for?
May 22 11:22PM
enigma@pyzano10104 hi stranger! I'm just packing th3m up, they are like new $155, let me know before tomorrow if you need them, stuff is getting shipped 😘
May 22 11:25PM
enigma@pyzano101014 ^^ sorry getting sleepy, long day!!
May 23 12:42AM
ydivadiorPlease reserve these for me I want to purchase after u return! These babies are mine!!!
May 24 10:56PM
enigma@ydivadior yes, happy too!
May 25 08:42AM
enigma@ydivadior hi sunshine, I unpacked these babies 😘
Jun 03 12:11PM
enigma@ydivadior hi sweets, I'm going to unreserve these, ok?
Jun 08 10:50AM
dunkin22Hi, cookie! What's the lowest you'd go dor these? ☺.. I wanna have a tom ford sunnies!!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Jun 10 11:12AM
enigma@dunkin22 hi sweets, this is the lowest I can go here.. I left them at my fire sale price, they are in pristine condition😱😘
Jun 10 11:32AM
dunkin22☺okay.. Need to save from now on! Lol
Jun 10 11:37AM
Jun 10 12:02PM
fashionjenAmazing amazing amazing stuff!!! 😍❀😘
Jun 17 08:27PM
enigma@fashionjen Thank you! Thank you! A bit eclectic perhaps..hehe:)
Jun 17 08:33PM
Jun 29 09:48AM
dunkin22Cookie, i super dooper love this!!!!😍😍😍😍
Jul 03 06:43PM
enigma@dunkin22 😘😍
Jul 03 07:04PM
dunkin22Want want want to have this!! Lol! ☺
Jul 03 07:17PM
dunkin22Hey, Cookie! Is this really the lowest? πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ
Jul 11 08:48AM
enigma@dunkin22 they are really immaculate, if I ever decide to lower, I'll let you know, but I don't think I will πŸ˜₯😳they are just too gorgeous 😘
Jul 11 09:40AM
dunkin22Thank you.. It is really gorgeous!!❀😍☺
Jul 11 09:51AM
enigma@puraolivida tu!!πŸ’
Sep 04 10:32PM
enigma@lovedana πŸ’tu!πŸ’
Sep 05 02:24PM
enigma@bboslett10 Thank you, againπŸ’
Sep 16 04:40PM
enigma@panela05 πŸ‚Merci Cheri!πŸ‚
Sep 20 11:54AM
isoodaNice glasses! Do you do Paypal for cheaper? Let me know.
Sep 26 12:29PM
enigma@isooda nope!
Sep 26 12:34PM
enigma@fairiebugg thank you sweetheart 🌸
Oct 01 10:35AM
jglam@enigma Everything got worked out. :)
Oct 01 11:18AM
enigma@jglam hard feelings!! you probably just hadn't worn them for awhile, and missed those prob.😘
Oct 17 12:45PM
jglam@enigma hey sweetie no hard feelings...I like you!!! :* it's just that a few of the items were vintage pieces. But at the end of the day, ultimately, I wanted us to both have a win-win situation and so I made sure you got what you wanted -- and I got what I wanted. ;) I'm ticked though that you sold a pair of sunnies for cheap hon -- I wanted them! Lol!
Oct 17 12:58PM
enigma@jglam I understand and love true vintageπŸ˜‰ ..hehe!!..that was my only return ever, and if it hadn't been all 3 items, I would have let it go..😘 worries! Like you, too 😘😘
Oct 17 01:03PM
jglam@enigma Do you have anymore YSL sunnies you can discount? And I am keeping my eyes on some other items by the way. I just gotta wait for my man to simmer down..hehe
Oct 17 01:08PM
enigma@jglam Hmm..not right now..I want to get some of my listings out before I put too many more up..It's too hard to dedicate a closet to listed items ..and I'd rather have that closet for my wearables..hehe..I'll tag you if I do though ..
Oct 17 01:12PM
jglam@enigma ok great -- I figured you would have another closet with other treasures!!! Lol
Oct 17 01:15PM
enigma@katesroka 🌷thank you for sharing!🌷
Oct 24 10:35PM
enigma@cancun_gal aw!! Thank you, sweets!😘
Nov 02 04:03PM
cancun_gal@enigma we are heading to Vitner Grill for and I'm using my Mombasa! These are awesome sunglasses.
Nov 02 06:44PM
sophiatvuLooking to buy the case only! Went on vacation and misplaced the case for my Ford's in the hotel room :( please let me know if you are willing to sell it! Thank you!
Nov 02 10:32PM
enigma@sophiatvu Hi.! Someone was selling just the case, from some TF's..if I spot it again, I'll tag you😘
Nov 03 09:04AM
sophiatvu@enigma yes please! Thanks honey!
Nov 04 09:21AM
enigma@hmakenna 😘 Thank you for sharing😘
Nov 19 09:03PM
enigma@vallchick79 🌿thank you for all of the shares!! Happy Happy Thanksgiving!🌿
Nov 22 02:22PM
vallchick79@enigma Very welcome Hun. 😘
Nov 22 02:23PM
luckymamaI wish!!!!! Hope you're well mama!😘
Nov 28 08:21AM
enigma@luckymama hey! Hey!! 😘😘you have some cool boots up!!😘😘
Nov 28 08:28AM
luckymamaSo lets make a deal!!!
Nov 28 08:29AM
enigma@luckymama I shared them about😘.I'm still overloaded with too much stuff.and my closets here are not flexible 😳😳😟😘😘but I'm working on it!!!😘
Nov 28 08:31AM
luckymamaThanks beautiful!😘
Nov 28 02:28PM
megduncan@enigma what nationality are you , you're so pretty:)
Nov 30 11:10AM
enigma@megduncan that is so sweet if you, thank you! German & French..and of course always 100% American 😘
Nov 30 11:18AM
ropicadoIf you have not sold them tomorrow I'll buy them at your price! They are gorgeous...:)
Dec 26 08:58PM
enigma@ropicado lmk if you would like me to hold th for you!😘
Dec 26 09:01PM
ropicado@enigma I'll check them tomorrow morning I want them!
Dec 26 09:02PM
ropicadoJust perfect if you hold them, I'm exhausted and ready for my pillow! :) Thank you so much!
Dec 26 09:05PM
enigma@ropicado sleep sweet!
Dec 26 09:07PM
Dec 26 09:08PM
ropicado@enigma goodmorning! Ready to buy you have the dust cloth, case and any scratches?
Dec 27 09:11AM
enigma@ropicado good morning!! I hope you had a nice rest! Yes, these come with the dust cloth and case, as shown in first pic. They are in immaculate shape..I never wore them..just bought them because I was having Gucci /Tom Ford withdrawals and this was his first solo collection.😘
Dec 27 09:14AM
enigma@ropicado I'm going to put the price down..just a sec..
Dec 27 09:16AM
enigma@ropicado it's not letting me's saying give me a minute to wait and try again
Dec 27 09:17AM
ropicado@enigma I forgot that and my credit card is waiting OMG
Dec 27 09:21AM
enigma@ropicado ok..if you cancel out of the should go off reserve and I can edit price!! No worries...I've done that before..hehe..most expensive sunnies EVER!!
Dec 27 09:23AM
enigma@ropicado ok! All set! Took 5 off! Thank you😘
Dec 27 09:24AM
enigma@ropicado YAAY! Thank you! I'll have these out to you today..I just know you will love them and will make them look amazing!πŸ“¦πŸ‘ŸπŸ“­πŸ“¬πŸ“ͺβœˆπŸ“«πŸŽ
Dec 27 09:28AM
ropicado@enigma My first purchase with 1 day of being here...jaja awesome!
Dec 27 09:28AM
enigma@ropicado YAAY! let's work on your salesπŸ˜‰because you have an amazing closet!!😘
Dec 27 09:30AM
ropicado@enigma thank you for helping me I just post my items much to learn and lot's of items to post! :)
Dec 27 09:34AM
enigma@ropicado my pleasure! Lmk if you have questions..sorry I kept sharing the Prada's, I just saw the reserve! Have fun..poshmark happy😘😘
Dec 27 09:39AM
enigma@april1230 look last pic..these are like aviators ..pretty unisex
Nov 12 05:21PM
april1230@enigma he's here and said " no aviators" he wears the Ray Bans but not the Wayfair but look like it to me
Nov 12 06:37PM

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