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Authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Backpack

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Authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Backpack

Purchased while on vacation in Las Vegas years ago. Kind of an impulse purchase, but I love it. Used only a handful of times, so it's in pristine condition. Perfect size to hold a large wallet, make up bag, and more!
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lyann@susannicole - in case u were interested. :)
Apr 04 10:01PM
just4posh@lyann LOVE LV! So tempted to click "Buy Now"...
Apr 04 10:03PM
susannicoleOhhh you know I am!
Apr 04 10:08PM
lyann@just4posh I love ur username! Just had to tell u that 😉😁
Apr 04 10:15PM
just4posh@lyann Aww..thx! I tried to be creative ;-)
Apr 04 10:17PM
lyann@just4posh love it!
Apr 04 10:19PM
just4posh@vbjreese22 @shellie44 This one is tempting, ladies!! This will get along well with my Speedy 30 ;-) Either of u interested?
Apr 04 10:35PM
vintageloveI love your pants!!
Apr 04 10:42PM
shellie44@just4posh @vbjreese22 Really nice I like!! This is perfect when you have other things to carry. Need to think about this one. =)
Apr 04 11:29PM
kaylabCan you take a pic of the strap? Like if you were carrying it. Please
Apr 05 01:34AM
tina_nguyenHey! Can you take a picture of the inside?!? Love the bag!!!
Apr 05 06:50AM
ireneparkOmg I want and need for school haha
Apr 05 08:54AM
lyann@tina_nguyen just added a pic of the inside for u.
Apr 05 10:45AM
lyann@kaylab updated with a pic for u!
Apr 05 11:58AM
ejayp16Are u selling those pants/leggings?!
Apr 05 01:57PM
eeenaVery tempting! I've always wanted an LV epi bag.
Apr 05 05:56PM
jennmilligan@lyann do u have anymore louis Vuitton u plan on Listing :) I'm looking for a auth never full or speedy
Apr 07 10:54PM
ijessLove the leggings! Where do you find yours? I noticed the leopard ones too.
Apr 10 07:09PM
ijessLove the leggings! Where do you find yours? I noticed the leopard ones too.
Apr 10 07:09PM
nikki0507Hi Lyann, I'm not sure if you received my MSG on on of ur other listings. Do you offer style consults? I absolutely love your style. -Nikki
Apr 10 09:20PM
nikki0507Hi Lyann, I'm not sure if you received my MSG on on of ur other listings. Do you offer style consults? I absolutely love your style. -Nikki
Apr 10 09:20PM
nikki0507Hi Lyann, I'm not sure if you received my MSG on on of ur other listings. Do you offer style consults? I absolutely love your style. -Nikki
Apr 10 09:21PM
Apr 13 04:43PM
lyann@nikki0507 hey there! Sorry for the delayed response, my notifications have been out of control and I totally missed ur comment. Thx for the compliment, I've always been an enthusiast for fashion. :) I'd love to help u- let me know what you're looking for!
Apr 14 02:16AM
nikki0507Hi, thanks for getting back to me! Well, I love your style and how you put outfits together. And while I dont have ANY problem buying adorable clothes (I'm a shopaholic). I seem to be having trouble putting outfits together and accessorizing all of a sudden. I think I've fallen into a "rutt". So I was wondering if you do wardrobe consulting. Like if you could help me put outfits together. Because its definitely not a lack of clothes that I'm experiencing lol. My friend Jamie recommended this app to me and I instantly fell in love with your style :)
Apr 14 02:19PM
kato2012Hi! Just wondering if it comes with a dust bag and authenticity card? Are there any scratches on the leather? What's your last price? I'm very interested?
Apr 18 04:21PM
sammy@lyann Hi. Just wondering why there are a ton of tips, jackets, dresses, blue jeans, shorts, etc that have not been removed. I'm looking for colored jeans and way too many wrong listings to go thru! Thanks Lyann
May 17 07:40PM
livelovelaceLove your floral pants!
Jun 01 10:25PM
mrslittleI love this bag:) This is a must have to add to my collection
Jun 02 01:31PM
kat_is_coolWould you go any lower?
Jun 10 11:20PM
kuklaaniaHi I cannot contact support. Tried 5 times and my email response says "whoops..." please help
Jun 16 05:55PM
jenny69I bought that same purse at a second hand store for $40. I had no ideas it was that expensive!
Jun 17 03:26PM
kato2012Was too interested but you never answered back... Too bad :(
Jun 18 03:56PM
lyannSorry @kato2012 - must've missed your inquiry. But the bag is in mint condition. And I wouldn't be able to go any lower than the listed price. Sorry!
Jun 18 03:59PM
lady_v23Your pants! 😍
Jul 03 11:39PM
chableecomLove it you have best stuff
Jul 04 11:37AM
kayluv@lyann I know this is out of the question but I wanted to know what u do for living? Because I wanted to like be wealthy so I could enjoy my life when I'm older and u look really wealthy! Lol
Jul 10 07:01PM
Jul 31 11:35AM
differentstyleIf you would like a pair of sunglasses or an adorable bracelet look at my closet! I have good prices!
Aug 03 12:37PM
shelby9404I love your pants!
Aug 04 03:15PM
shelby9404Where did you get them?
Aug 04 03:15PM
klb483Can u do $400? & can u verify authenticity? ie receipt? or at least date code foto?
Aug 05 03:37PM
lyann@klb483 Hi there! Unfortunately I am firm on the price because the bag is in pristine condition. But I guarantee authenticity. I do not have the receipt, as the bag was purchased a few years ago in the LV in Las Vegas.
Aug 05 08:24PM
sophiatvu@lyann 😘 you should totally take a look in my closet! Cause I feel we have the same taste in clothing and accessories and we're pretty much the same size! I'm trying to get more people to shop my closet cause I have some awesome stuff in there! :(
Aug 07 03:33PM
luckymamaOh I love that bag!!!
Aug 13 10:43PM
malibugDi you have soft bag it came in or anything to Prove authenticity.. Interested in barter for anything of mine plus cash? Check me out lmk..
Aug 14 01:49AM
ireneparkI still want this bag for school haha. Btw miss you Ly!!!!!
Aug 14 11:14PM
Aug 17 08:27AM
icecoffieVeryyyyyyy nice!
Aug 19 04:17PM
lasarkis@melflo78 those are the jeans you wanted!
Aug 21 05:08AM
melflo78@lasarkis I know, i think I should go back and get em.. Rob said to do some shopping for my bday :)
Aug 21 05:33AM
alamode@lyann What's the serial #?
Aug 25 12:43AM
southflnpHow about $300?
Aug 25 07:18AM
lyann@alamode hi! I have the bag at my work so I will get u that info on Monday morning. :)
Aug 25 07:22AM
lyann@southflnp sorry, I am firm on the price. Thanks for the offer tho!
Aug 25 07:23AM
tracy0815Would this fit an iPad?
Aug 31 09:45AM
lyann@alamode hi! Sorry this is so delayed but the serial number is V11021. :)
Aug 31 12:00PM
lyann@tracy0815 hi! I tried to put my iPad in there and it's close but doesn't quite fit.
Aug 31 12:00PM
lyann@shellie44 @csara @klb483 hi ladies! Dropping the price to $420 today. :)
Aug 31 12:04PM
tina_nguyen@lyann can you send other pictures? Do you have the duster & or box/ receipt ? Just wanted to confirm the authenticity
Sep 01 10:24PM
lyann@tina_nguyen hi! Sure - I can email u more pics. Can u tell me what u want me to take more pics of exactly? And I will have to look for the dust bag but can't guarantee that I can find it. This bag is 100% authentic. Pls look at my closet and u will see that I do not own any replicas. And I have sold many designer bags w/o ever any issues.
Sep 01 10:30PM
tina_nguyen@lyann thanks for responding so fast, just a photo of the bottom, if there is hard ware there & if it's scratched or tarnished? I don't remember if this style backpack had hardware at the bottom. Would you want to do a trade? I just posted a Gucci twirl watch that I decided not to keep & it's too late to return... So I decided to post it on Posh.
Sep 01 10:53PM
lyann@tina_nguyen np! The bottom of the bag does not have any hardware. The bag has no marks or scratches at all. It is in immaculate condition. And unfortunately I do not trade. Thx for ur interest!
Sep 01 10:57PM
tina_nguyen@lyann thanks! I am very interested !!! One last thing... How long ago did you puchase this?
Sep 01 11:29PM
moshuluPretty @filledoux
Sep 10 08:23PM
skystephensonVery interested!! Can you take pics of serial/Dre stamp and bottom of bag??? Thanks
Sep 16 08:30PM
plee023yWas anyone able to verify the authenticity of this bag?
Sep 16 09:46PM
lyann@skystephenson hi! I have the bag at work so will have to add the additional pics for u tomorrow :)
Sep 16 09:47PM
lyann@plee023y hi there. Sorry, can u clarify your question a bit? This bag is 100% authentic.
Sep 16 09:48PM
lyann@skystephenson - added a pic of the bottom of the bag for you. There are no marks and like I mentioned in the listing, the bag was barely used and in great condition. I tried to snap a pic of the serial # but the lighting couldn't capture it. The number is: V11021. Hope that helps!
Sep 17 10:18AM
chableecomI love this app and your closet❤❤❤✌you will love shopping at my closet❤💋 can you help me promote it🎀😘😘😘😘
Sep 18 10:20AM
mikahsclosetWoo.. I like this.. Do you have the dimensions by any chance? I want to see if it will work with some of my school stuff. Btw.. Adorable pants :) what brand are they? You have my favorite closet so far on here!
Sep 19 10:45AM
lyannhi @mikahscloset! ur too sweet! :) so the dimensions of the bag are: 9.0"L 3.0"W 11.0"H. hope that helps! <3
Sep 19 10:57AM
mikahscloset:( I was hoping it was a tiny bit larger for what I need.. But still very nice. I'm gonna keep my eye on it. Thanks 😊
Sep 19 08:16PM
keatingsb$300 PayPal?
Sep 23 11:49AM
shaenunezI love those pants😁
Sep 30 08:00AM
jacky84Trade??? Or at least partial trade?? 😁
Oct 08 05:17PM
catherines@lyann Your presentations are off the chart and you are a great inspiration to everyone on Poshmark. Can you tell me if I will be receiving a picture listing of the Prada purse I paid $650 for?I know that you had nothing to do with this but I am desperate for your assistance on this. I am not in a position to kiss $650 goodbye without a fight.
Oct 17 03:34PM
jerezana03Hi, would you take $350? Love ur style!!
Oct 18 10:45PM
jerezana03Before i can make a decision, Does it come with a dust bag??
Oct 19 07:15AM
lyann@jerezana03 - sorry, no dust bag, but it's in great condition.
Oct 19 11:54AM
jerezana03Next time! Tks!
Oct 20 10:39PM
lyann@jerezana03 no worries- thx for ur interest! :)
Oct 20 10:41PM
lyannthanks for your purchase @jiasoccer4me ! Shipping it out today. :)
Oct 24 03:02PM
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