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Beautiful floral flutter sleeve pant romper. Very long pants so best to wear with heels.
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Mar 16 07:16PM
hunniebeeThanx! I figured it'll be perfect for the Floral Party
Mar 16 07:18PM
dkcasey0920Super cute!
Mar 16 08:52PM
Mar 16 08:54PM
alecia@hunniebee is this is true size 8? I'm a size 6 and wondering if u could pull it off or not :-/
Apr 05 05:06PM
hunniebee@alecia yes it may's H&M how do their clothes for u?
Apr 05 05:09PM
alecia@hunniebee never tried an 8 in H&M before. Their size 6 usually fits me quite well. Can you bundle this along with the dress? Also, is there anything on my listings that you'd be interested in trading for?
Apr 05 05:12PM
hunniebee@alecia yes I can bundle it...Unfortunately I can't fit your size shoes or clothes😒 it's so cute!
Apr 05 05:16PM
alecia@hunniebee since I can't wear the dress...I guess this is the only thing I'll take off of your hands 😞...are you able to do $20 for this jumper?
Apr 05 05:22PM
hunniebee@alecia $20 is fine😊
Apr 05 05:35PM
alecia@hunniebee awesome. Let me know when you update the price 😃
Apr 05 05:37PM
hunniebee@alecia ok it's updated! Thank you
Apr 05 05:43PM

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