Beautiful sun hat

Flower is removable and you can replace it with a new one anytime to match a new outift!
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
Mar 05 10:56PM
siennethreadsPerfect for spring!! 
Mar 07 10:12PM
myfirst8@dkcasey0920 thank you!! @siennethreads it sure is😉
Mar 07 10:17PM
kcamachoHi. Can you do $12?
Mar 13 08:01AM
myfirst8@kcamacho how about $15?
Mar 13 08:50AM
kcamachoOk, $15
Mar 13 10:43AM
myfirst8@kcamacho done😊
Mar 13 11:34AM
kcamachoHi, have you shipped yet?
Mar 15 01:16PM
myfirst8@kcamacho I have few items that I sold on here and will all be shipped tomorow morning, the post office isn't close to me so I make 2 trips a week😊 you will have it by monday
Mar 15 02:00PM
kcamachoHave you shipped yet?
Mar 18 03:10PM
myfirst8@kcamacho yes hun I did, you and another buyer never received the tracking info so im guessing it's a poshmark thing.. you should have the hat by tomorrow or thursday at the latest!
Mar 19 04:02PM

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