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✨Reserved✨ These need to be loved!!

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✨Reserved✨ These need to be loved!!

I bought these at a sample sale and they don't fit :( they have never been worn...ever! Who doesn't love that red sole? Size 41 but really fit like a 9. Authentic Christian Louboutin!! Linen look with gold leather rosettes, fab! Comes with box and dust bag.
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lyannCan I see some more pics? :)
Jan 24 08:58PM
fashionableemeWow. Wow. Wow!
Jan 24 08:58PM
Jan 24 08:58PM
carlinaAmazing! wish they were a 7.5 :(
Jan 24 08:58PM
mariaAmazing! Would love to see more shots if possible!
Jan 24 08:58PM
Jan 24 08:58PM
fashionableemeThese are sssso amazing- any chance you could go any lower on the price?? ☺😃☺
Jan 24 09:03PM
mariaSoooo wish these were in my size!
Jan 24 09:03PM
fparodi16@fashionableeme you can send me an offer if you want 😃
Jan 24 09:05PM
sweeetkristenSeriously roomie these are so amazing, even more in person! Soo wish they fit one of us!
Jan 24 09:08PM
Jan 24 11:01PM
redsolediaryIf only I was a 9 those would be mine
Jan 25 06:06PM
maxxkitty402Are they a solid 9? I'm more like an 8.5
Jan 25 06:25PM
cessitimeLove!! I was thinking about this designer all day! Too bad feet don't grow overnight! Waaaaa!
Jan 27 09:38PM
fparodi16Prob more of size 9
Jan 30 10:04PM
lindseygravesWish I was a 9 :(
Feb 01 07:04PM
nirblesIf these were just half a size bigger!!!! Uuuuugh :< my heart just broke.
Feb 13 01:32PM
whitnebAbsolutely gorgeous! Any chance I can convince you to go lower on the price?
Feb 27 08:07PM
justinas_closetReally 41 and only a 9?  man LB's are so hard to buy without trying them on.
Mar 08 02:11AM
Mar 25 08:42PM
Mar 26 12:28AM
Mar 27 01:20AM
kanskloset@fparodi16 hi there I just e mailed you. Let me know it you received it.
Mar 29 11:51AM
nkrajsaI'm dying.
Mar 31 08:04PM
bekabooSo hot!! Wish they were smaller!
Apr 23 10:13AM
sheenacrWish it was an 8! 😖
May 16 09:59PM
nikkibxoxI want theseeee
May 29 09:34AM
manolochoosUgh wish they were a 7 😁
Jun 05 05:47PM
lady_v23I hope these are still available in a few months 🙏
Jun 13 04:59PM
sadaf45Love the color <3
Jun 14 07:07PM
heelandsoleThose are so pretty!
Jul 16 01:50PM
mikoscloset@fparodi16 hi are you willing to negotiate and reserve?
Jul 27 05:27PM
fparodi16@mikoscloset yes I would :)
Jul 27 11:13PM
eppughWhat is the name of these? (style name) Do they come with box/dustbags?
Aug 05 01:40PM
fparodi16@eppugh yes they come with a box and dust bag. I believe the name is Lola
Aug 07 01:08PM
shoeaddict808I would buy this in a heartbeat if it were my size! This is a good deal. You should list this on eBay and bonanza. It would sell there quicker!
Aug 21 09:39AM
Aug 21 09:37PM
randolph150Can you bring the price down to $225?
Aug 26 03:06PM
fashionjen😍😍😍 stunning!
Aug 26 09:43PM
fashionjenYa I have a size 40 and I'm an 8.5 and they fit perfectly...
Aug 26 09:43PM
fashionjenWant these! Just don't have the money! Do you do trades?
Aug 26 09:44PM
couturezenHi there. What are your sizes and what are you interested in possibly trading. I'm la stylist with tons of amazing stuff.
Aug 27 09:22AM
randolph150Offer you $250
Aug 30 05:20PM
fparodi16@randolph150 Sorry $325
Aug 30 06:58PM
rorodoinitCan u post a better picture of the bottom so I can see the engraving? And the dust bag
Aug 31 10:24AM
rorodoinitI'm very interested
Aug 31 10:25AM
rollingstone7Willing to negotiate?
Aug 31 04:03PM
merangel72I would grab them, but like you they won't fit me either! Someone's going to get a brilliant deal.
Sep 01 05:43AM
ashleyarabianI'm a 10... Would that work?
Sep 01 02:16PM
rorodoinitStill there?
Sep 02 09:51PM
fparodi16@rollingstone7 yes :)
Sep 09 08:04AM
fparodi16@ashleyarabian no, because I'm a 10 and they do not fit.
Sep 09 08:04AM
fparodi16@rorodoinit yes, I will post those pics.
Sep 09 08:05AM
delaware32Amazing...I don't suppose you'd consider a trade for some if my things? Can't hurt to ask, right?
Sep 29 12:53PM
annochka1213I need to shiw these to my mom! Too bad its not my suze, but fit her!
Oct 10 08:07AM
sbr@delaware32 😊
Oct 11 08:40PM
legally_blondeI wish these were my size I would have jumped on them!!
Oct 11 09:01PM
pieisyummyWow these are gorgeous.
Oct 11 11:41PM
tawanaWill u negotiate
Oct 13 07:45PM
randolph150What about $275?
Oct 14 09:39AM
fparodi16@tawana @randolph150 pretty firm on price
Oct 15 07:09AM
iheartmyshoesI really love these! I'm usually a 9/9.5? What do you think about the fit? I'm really interested in these!
Oct 24 08:14PM
fparodi16@iheartmyshoes Honestly, these will prob be perfect for you. I'm a 10 an they are just a little bit too small. Def 9-9.5 if you don't have a wide foot.
Oct 24 11:20PM
fashionjenWould you trade?
Oct 29 03:36AM
ohmyduhAre u willing to negotiate? I'm dying for them
Oct 29 03:25PM
fparodi16@ohmyduh pretty firm on price :)
Oct 29 05:34PM
Oct 30 09:17AM
kimbrentsInterested! Trade? I have Tory, David Meister, and Furstenburg currently in my closet??
Oct 30 09:40AM
Oct 30 12:59PM
makeupcray_zwould love to buy these... if they were half a size bigger -___-
Oct 31 07:55PM
brittneek@fparodi16 do you still have available? Cash & trade?
Nov 02 02:00PM
fparodi16@brittneek still available. No trades please.
Nov 02 09:33PM
ladycarmellaWould you accept payment of 200 immediately?
Nov 04 05:09PM
fparodi16@ladycarmella pretty firm on price sorry
Nov 04 06:26PM
applechinablackAre these still avail
Dec 25 04:33AM
fparodi16@applechinablack sorry for the late response. Yes, still available :)
Jan 04 09:24PM
applechinablackAre u trading ms lady? Can u ck my closet. Are u interested in trading for my Gucci bag
Jan 04 09:29PM
fparodi16@applechinablack cute stuff! Just not looking to trade.
Jan 04 09:34PM
applechinablackOk ill keep an eye on these. I jus purchased too much this week. I wish u responded sooner lol - thnk u ms lady :))
Jan 04 09:36PM
ireshabostic@fparodi16 can you email me more pics 😍😍 Do you use pp??
Jan 19 10:29AM
iheartmyshoesI would love these! I can buy them on Friday can you do an even 300? Do you take pp?
Jan 22 05:02PM
fparodi16@iheartmyshoes hi!! I can def hold until Friday. I can def look into the PayPal thing. I'm open to it :)
Jan 22 07:14PM
fparodi16@iheartmyshoes can we agree half way at $307?
Jan 22 07:15PM
iheartmyshoesDeal!!! Ill most likely pay for it tomorrow night because I get my direct deposit then! :-) ill let you know when to change the price for me!!! I'm SO excited!!!!
Jan 23 03:16PM
fparodi16@iheartmyshoes ok no problem! I can do palpay but I have never used it before to receive pmt. Just let me know what info you need :)
Jan 23 05:13PM
iheartmyshoesThat's ok we can do it here :-)
Jan 23 07:32PM
fparodi16@iheartmyshoes All set up for you!
Jan 23 09:58PM
iheartmyshoesO. M. G! They're all mine!!! You have no idea how happy I am!!!!
Jan 24 07:08PM
iheartmyshoesWhen will you be shipping it so I can keep an eye out for it?? :-)
Jan 25 10:41AM
iheartmyshoesHi! Did these go out? Thnx
Jan 28 04:54PM
iheartmyshoesDo you have the tracking number? Still haven't received them
Jan 31 08:09PM
fparodi16@iheartmyshoes they were mailed out. Maybe there was an error or delay at USPS. I've already contacted PM about this.
Feb 01 07:01AM
iheartmyshoesDo you have the tracking number?
Feb 01 07:22AM

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