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JBrand Dark Wash Flared Jeans (Worn Once!)

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JBrand Dark Wash Flared Jeans (Worn Once!)

Main draw: the dark wash! These ultra-flattering jeans do amazing things for your body in all directions. I was hesitant to list them bc I love them so much, but have recently lost some weight and they don't fit like they should anymore. Have original hems. Worn once.
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stylishlyuncorkAre these the love story's?
Jan 22 07:59PM
maria@thymwya Yep! Forgot to add that in the description. :)
Jan 22 08:00PM
stylishlyuncorkHmmmm. These are my size...
Jan 22 08:02PM
maria@thymwya 😉 They'd look great on you!
Jan 22 08:07PM
ryzenbergonThey look amazing & are my size! Do they stretch? How do they run?
Jan 22 08:38PM
maria@ryzenbergon They fit true to size (26/2) and have a good amount of stretch! I am not a fan of stiff jeans :).
Jan 22 09:12PM
fabiennejThese are so hot! And my size. Oooh…
Jan 23 06:33AM
ryzenbergonStill thinking about these jeans!!
Jan 30 02:48PM
hmstutzBest jeans ever
Feb 01 06:54PM
serita86Nice jeans! Also, I think I recognize that parking lot, it is less than a mile from my parents' house ;-)
Feb 09 02:54PM
maria@serita86 Love that! :) It's the garage for my old work.
Feb 09 03:21PM
carlitaWhat is fabric breakdown?
Mar 20 11:04PM
maria@carlita They say 92% cotton, 7% polyester, 1% spandex. Hope that helps!
Mar 20 11:26PM
carlitaThank you! Very cute!
Mar 21 09:10AM
melissa87What is the inseam? Im so short!
Apr 02 02:45PM
maria@melissa87 I'm short also! 5'3". These have a 34" inseam. Just so you know, these are still on sale for full price!
Apr 02 10:28PM
adriana22Would you take 50$?
Jun 09 07:34AM
maria@adriana22 No, sorry. $50 is too low.
Jun 09 07:45AM
cconrad1It is Summer. Please host a swimwear party!!!! :)
Jul 07 08:47AM
mswhite56Maria, am I allowed to add my coach items to your party? I don't know how parties work! Please help!
Jul 24 04:55AM
isabelcovarruWish i could fit in size 26! :(
Aug 02 07:13PM
differentstyleIf you would like a pair of sunglasses or an adorable bracelet look at my closet! I have good prices!
Aug 03 12:38PM
panela05So cute! Wish they were a 24!
Aug 05 09:35PM
calimom@maria hey there! I follow u on your blog (which is how I found out about PM-blessing or curse? kidding!) I see that u have the Zara shoes (the pair that you jokingly said that everyone and their mutha has!) Well, unfortunately I missed out on buying my size so if you ever post them on PM, will u tag me? I love them!!
Aug 12 10:17AM
maria@calimom yay! Thanks for following my blog. ☺💗 Are you a 6.5? If so, I'll definitely let you know if I post them on Poshmark. Also, I've seen some others list theirs, so I'll be on the lookout for you!
Aug 12 01:37PM
calimom@maria thanks so much! Love your blog! Praying for your Mom too!
Aug 12 03:21PM
maria@calimom Thanks for the prayers! :)
Aug 12 09:32PM
calimom@maria of course, friend! You and your Mom are an inspiration to all! Love u!
Aug 13 05:02AM
letsgo01What size is "26"?
Aug 26 01:29PM
maria@letsgo01 It's about a size 2-4. 26 refers to the waist.
Aug 27 12:31PM
nicolec0625Oh how I wish these were my size
Aug 30 09:15PM
bostonkgb@nicolec0625 oh how I wish those were my legs!!!!! Lol. Great jeans
Sep 07 07:30PM
nicolec0625@bostonkgb lol 😊 I am obsessed with these
Sep 07 07:39PM
bostonkgb@ Nicole , my legs are so short. Everything I buy is way too long. A friend just gave me a bunch of Express pants but only one pr. fit.
Sep 07 07:45PM
jessicamichelelove these!
Sep 14 09:11PM
maria@mack10988 Thanks for purchasing! Will ship out Monday morning. :)
Sep 14 09:29PM
mack10988@maria I've been eyeing these for awhile and could no longer resist lol. Thanks for all the shares too ;)
Sep 14 09:33PM
maria@mack10988 I'm so glad they're going to a good home. Kind of sad to see them go though--haha! But they just don't fit me like they should. You're going to LOVE them. Oh, and now I have my eyes on your '90s Gap denim jacket. So good.
Sep 14 09:35PM
mack10988Great jeans! Love the poshmark button pins and pencils too!! Thanks :)
Sep 20 03:58PM
maria@mack10988 You're welcome! So glad you liked the package and jeans! :) xo
Sep 20 04:00PM

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