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Sheer Pleated Mauve Skirt

My favorite find this season! Perfectly pleated mauve skirt, unlined & super sheer.
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tracyOmg I love!
Jul 20 08:58PM
ms__sylviaOmg I'm so in love with this skirt!
Jul 20 08:59PM
Jul 20 09:00PM
Jul 24 07:08PM
lyannSo adorable! I see why it's ur fav! :)
Aug 27 03:16PM
sashacamachoKristi, I would love to buy the whole outfit (skirt +shirt, belt) if its for sell, let me know :)
Aug 28 11:19AM
mu11eSize and fabric content?
Nov 07 08:05AM
kristihThanks, all! @mu11e - it's polyester, size small. Brand new, tags attached.
Nov 12 12:21PM
nadiyahskyyIs it ankle length or shin length...and how tall are you? Thx!!😁
Feb 03 12:31PM
hannahoAny chance you would sell the top too?
Feb 07 07:06PM
mrsmaybHow long is the skirt? Or how tall are u so I can see if it's not too long for me lol
Feb 07 07:09PM
kristih@hannaho I'll happily sell the top, too :)
Feb 07 07:29PM
hannahoYayy! What size is it and how much would you sell it for?
Feb 07 07:31PM
kristih@mrsmayb I'm not sure, I can measure when I'm back home tonight. I'm 5'6"--it's a high-waisted midi skirt. :)
Feb 07 07:44PM
mrsmaybOh no I'm only 5ft. I wonder if I can still pull it off lol
Feb 07 07:49PM
kristih@hannaho it's an H&M top, I can bundle the two for $50. I'm pretty sure the top is a size medium, I'll double check when I get home tonight!
Feb 07 07:51PM
hannahoThat would be awesome! I love this whole outfit :)
Feb 07 07:52PM
hannahoIf it is a medium could you reserve them for me until Thursday?
Feb 07 08:10PM
mrsmaybI'm interested in buying the skirt and top too if it's no longer reserved for someone else. Let me know :)
Feb 16 10:42AM
sweetdoll22@kristih: In love with the skirt & top as well. Can buy now if it is still available. Please let me know. Thank you! 😊
Mar 06 03:44PM
nadiyahskyyOk, looks like 4 of us want the skirt and top for the offered $50 bundle. Is it avaliable? I can buy now 👀.
Mar 09 02:56PM
mrsmaybHi I'm still interested in the skirt. Let me know if you're still able to negotiate the price ☺ thanks!!
Mar 25 10:06AM
nadiyahskyy@Kristih. See comment above. 😁
Apr 17 06:00AM
nadiyahskyy@hannaho @mrsmayb @sweetdoll22, do you think she'll ever come back to make this sale? 😔 I'd really like the top and skirt and for $50! That's a steal. 👍
Apr 23 02:21PM
hannaho@nadiyahskyy it's all yours if she does hahah it's been a really long time do I've already stocked up on maxis and don't need this anymore:)
Apr 23 02:23PM
mrsmayb@nadiyahskyy I have a somewhat similar skirt that I'm selling if you're interested
Apr 30 06:58PM
demberlacheThis is super cuteeeee
May 21 08:43AM
alecia@kristih is this skirt still available?
May 29 05:14PM
real_hw_of21228@kristih is this available, I'll buy!
Jun 15 08:03AM
koneill620Is this still available?
Jun 27 06:02PM
alysiabrooke@kristih is this still available?
Sep 02 06:33AM
kristihHi all, yes--this is still for sale. Can also bundle with the top, if still interested!
Sep 13 11:56PM
alysiabrooke@kristih what size is the top and how much for the bundle?
Sep 17 10:47AM
alysiabrooke@kristih oh wait just saw a previous comment about top size, it's too big for me :(
Sep 17 10:49AM
alysiabrooke@kristih just got this and it is PERFECT :) thank you again:)
Sep 24 02:50PM
kristih@alysiabrooke YAY!! I'm so glad you love it! Thanks for purchasing! :)
Sep 24 03:03PM
xtie1313I see the skirt is sold.... What about the top?
May 30 02:31PM

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