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Valerie's Closet


sjeischenGorgeous closet! Very nice!! 💞💞💞
luvbucs28Wow Valerie , what a beautiful closet !! & gorgeous wedding , ( I always wanted a beautiful wedding ,but it was always about the children ,) had 2 when I met my hubby ❤️
mushkieThanks for choosing a host pick from my closet! You have some awesome dresses in your closet. Shared.
rachelturvey@valvalvoom Fast shipping and my bag is wonderful!! Thanks so much!!! 😀
read247"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” — Coco Chanel Congratulations on your Poshtastic Total Trendsetter Host Pick! 😲💃👀👍👐🎀🎁🎂🎉
kyliebriennYou're the TOTAL trendsetter! Great job, girl! Way to rock this party. Cheers to new followers finding your amazing closet :) Xo
sabbycakez@valvalvoom can you hold til Wednesday?! I'll buy it for sure Wednesday
valvalvoom@sabbycakez Sure thing! No one else has shown interests! Hehehe. 😊
mzlzWhere did you get the cake /sweet display?
valvalvoom@mzlz Tom Thumb Grocery Store! It was actually a gift but I saw it in store shortly after! : )
saundie@valvalvoom CONGRATULATIONS on the perfect Date Night Host Pick! 🎉🎉💓💕😘😘👯
kyliebriennPerfect for the ultimate date night out. ow owww! Get it girl. Congrats on the Host Pick! Cheers my lady!
trendyshoppersAnd how tall are you
valvalvoom@trendyshoppers Hey! Please see the above image. I am 5'8"-5'-9"! Let me know if you would like any additional photos.
missjasminericowhat color green is it exactly? Looking for something close to true green/ kelly green. Is this more of a teal?
valvalvoom@missjasminerico Hello! It's definitely more of a teel green. : / sorry! It's super cute though!
kerensaeThanks! Looking for some great fall shoes and these for the bill!😊
valvalvoom@kerensae Bummer! So sorry best of luck reposhing!
valvalvoom@rummey1 They run small on me. Lol I think they run pretty standard though.
valvalvoom@mykidzrdogs Thank you!!! I'll ship this evening!
sjpaque@valvalvoom - hey girl - thanks for my bundle and thx for the bonus pair!! Appreciate you!!
valvalvoomSo glad you like them! I figured you like sparkles!!! : )
_clarissee@valvalvoom received my order!😃 the dress is gorgeous! Thank-you💜
valvalvoom@_clarissee So glad you like it!
bridgetglascoI love my items! You have such a great closet...thank you, thank you for the extra gift! It is sooo nice and very unexpected! 😘😘
valvalvoom@bridgetglasco Yay! I'm so glad you liked them! Thank you! Happy Poshing! 💕
valvalvoom@shann_rene hope the scarf comes soon! I dropped it off at the post office on the 9th... But Dallas Texas had that big ice storm come through so it might have affected shipping. Sorry for the delay.
shann_reneIt's okay! I'm in no rush. Thank you for the update tho!
vegasmarty@valvalvoom got the dress it is in perfect condition , thank you so much for shipping so quickly.
valvalvoom@vegasmarty Yay! I'm so glad you like it! 💕
girlabouttownHey there! I'm co-hosting with you tonight, how many picks did you select? The last time I hosted they said no more than 100 but I'm really hoping that rule didn't change or anything.
valvalvoom@girlabouttown I picked around 80! Can't wait!
hsn014@valvalvoom No worries! The dress is supposed to get here tomorrow and I'm super stoked! Thanks!
valvalvoom@hanjiun So glad it finally got there! I wish there was a UPS FedEx option lol.
valvalvoom@coutureprincess Yes ma'am and I'm pretty generous with bundle discounts so let me know if your interested in some other items I know that shippings killer.
valvalvoom@coutureprincess thanks girl! I'll ship it out tomorrow.
valvalvoom@fyrecracker1 Omg I ran out of red tissue paper right before I shipped yours out! That would have gotten dye everywhere. 😯 That was a close one.
fyrecracker1LOL! It was meant to be... ;o)
valvalvoom@lemonwacki Thank you so much! I'll be keeping your closet in mind for the host party this Thursday!
lemonwackiThank you so much for that...I love attending those parties! You might say I am addicted...ALOT🙀🙀
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