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Tanya's Closet


scootermama2@t1percent, hun, that is actually considered an angel wing, not a feather. Angel wings are very popular and many people search for them. Might want to put that in your title. Good luck!
t1percent@scootermama2 Thanks sweetie I knew that don't know why I had feather LOL.... Thanks sweetie!
lorezsI didnt know that for 5 ill be 20 $ so if is like that i go buy on vs
t1percent@lorezs Ok, well sorry that's the lowest I can do, they are new never used and I only get $16 out of that and that's really cheap. Sorry it is to much for you to afford. Wish I could do it for less sorry! God bless😘
t1percent@jenjen1973 in the first page of this listing those are XL's so if you like any of those I can post in separate listing.. Let me know what color you interested In and how many and I'll post pics for you!
fhv_58@t1percent how many xl do you have?
t1percent@bbxnj Thanks for like! 💋Having sale right now buy 5 underwear for $20 and you get any other item 50%off. Or I have bundle deal all the time for 10% let me know if I can help you with anything!😘
t1percent@manhattan75 Thanks for the shares💋
t1percent@ikeepstomyself Also, can be made for crib or whatever size bed you want. Can also make matching sheets, pillow cases, pillow shames, bed skirt whatever you want can be made and added to order. If you want sheets whole matching set with quilt, sheets, pillow cases, skirt and shames set is $200, but you can mix and match if you only want quilt and sheets price is broken down and you get 10% bundle discount if purchase mor than one item. Let me know what your interested in and I can make it happen. Hope you decide you want to get it its beautiful and it will be one of a kind because you design it!
miss_lauren95This is adorable! Would you be able to make a dia de Los muertos one for a girl?
t1percent@lana88fan They are supper comfy too! I'm having a sale. 5 for $20 and then anything else in my closet is 50% off. Buy one item get second item 50% off!
cosmodoll4Do you make them with custom words?
t1percent@cosmodoll4 Sorry I missed this comment, yes I can place words if you'd like!
t1percent@littlejess22 Good! It was my daughters birthday on valentines day so I was unable to work on them but they should be ready by mid week!
t1percent@joejoe8 Thanks!💋
t1percent@beth9 These are the only ones I have modeled because these are my personal pair all others have never been worn... I don't put them on because they are underwear...
t1percent@sheril30 I will check.
t1percent@sheril30 I'm sorry all out of XL, XXL! The largest I have is Large! Sorry sweetie! I went through them all! 💋 If there is anything else's I can do please let me know!
t1percent@lana88fan those are a light yellow color but I don't have those in large... The first picture I have in size large..
t1percent@lana88fan Also, I can send you pics of all the styles of and colors I have in Large if you are interested and would like me to... Let me know😘
t1percent@excitedcupcake Thanks for the share🌹
t1percent@bellanblue Thanks for the share💋5underware for $20/50% any other item in closet if interested😘
t1percent@antsola No problem sweetie I'm so sorry for your lose! My prayers and with you and yours!😘
mwyllysHow much for this bundle minus the shirt?
sammyjoooI was lookin for an assortment of styles & colors. Then according to how true the size runs, i'd either be looking for small or mediums
t1percent@sammyjooo Well I have many colors.. Black, Liliac, blue, beige, white, pink, red, green. Boy shorts that run small so if your a small a medium would work but the things are true to size... Check out my closet I have many pic of the different types that I have. If you see something you like let me know and I will send you more pics of it.
mckenziecanonWould you do a bundle of 5 for the dress? Also what do the XS/S you have look like?
t1percent@mckenziecanon yes I will. and I will update the pis with only xs/sm.
lorezshow much 5 or 10
t1percent@lorezs 5 for $20 if you get 10 I can give a bundle 10% off so total for 10 pair would be $35. But since I wasn't feeling well and didn't get back to you in a timely matter I will give 10 for $30. So, I will send you pics in a.m. And we will go from there.. Ok? 😘 Again I'm sorry for the delay!
t1percent@xoxo_amber Ok, so sorry for the inconvenience... 😘
t1percent@lorezs these are also small have them in black, blue and Liliac... 😘
krzobelYou're welcome! 😊
t1percent@racinggirl05 Thanks for like! 💋Having sale right now buy 5 underwear for $20 and you get any other item 50%off. Or I have bundle deal all the time for 10% let me know if I can help you with anything!😘
t1percent@sara_3501 Lowest I can do is $20 due to posh fees...
t1percent@tadert there yours babe! Setting up posting now! Xoxo💋
andi_hallDid you measure?
t1percent@andi_hall Sorry sweetie, been sick in bed for last week... Yes, they are 4inch heel! 😘
t1percent@missbrs Thanks😘 if you are interested in anything let me know I give great deals all the time and am pretty flexible on prices! Happy poshing💋
t1percent@missbrs Thanks for the Shares💋
t1percent@blorrainet What do you think about this outfit? It's do hot on! I'm uploading more now! 💋
blorrainet@t1percent Cute! But I don't do shorts! Veins too ugly on my legs!
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