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Dhruvi's Closet


weimarNo worries I understand. I actually just ordered another pair of these in a different color so waiting to see how they fit. If they're good I'll get these- love the leopard!πŸ‘Œ
stiletto_sequin@weimar Sure, no problem! I love these!
stiletto_sequin@smayraee the length is adjustable. You can wear it super short. The longest is around cleavage area. Hope that helps! :)
stiletto_sequin@smayraee Still interested?
ladyp0706πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm currently breastfeeding soooooo I'm a 36DD....which is the main reason for the size 12!
stiletto_sequin@ladyp0706 Yea then this def wouldn't have for you. Sorry! :(
stiletto_sequin@hellogorgeous7 Thank you for your interest but I'm not doing any trades. I'm raising $$ for charity so trying to sell as much as possible.
essencep711You still have it ... About drop it to 15
stiletto_sequin@essencep711 Hi! Yep, I still have it. I've already dropped the price several times. It's originally $55, and it's only been worn it once. Would you do $18?
kim354Also I just realized hon these are not a 9 they are only 8 1/2.
kim354HON, I absolutely love these and they are everything you listing said except that they are a 8.5 and not a 9. So I will be sending them back. I'm very sorry for your trouble. I explained to posh that it was a mistake. Sorry!
stiletto_sequin@smyths_closet Thanks for your likes. Would you like to bundle? I can give you a special price.
smyths_closetThanks! Very welcome cute closet! Will keep in my likes for now. Need to sell and pay some medical bills first!
bekah595Really cute purse, but think about putting on a different color backing next time. The light takes away from the purse. I don't mean to be rude in any way, and I admit I am not the best at this either...
stiletto_sequin@bekah595 Not rude at all - I appreciate the feedback! :)
cparkinson22Ok no thanks, including shipping on top of your prices I might as well go buy new retail. Thanks though
stiletto_sequin@cparkinson22 No problem. Good luck!
samanthaaustinOkay $20 and I'll buy now
stiletto_sequin@samanthaaustin Way too low, sorry. You have similarly priced jeans listed in your closet for $75 & up. So, I'm sure you understand $15 and $20 aren't reasonable offers.
shenneneilleenβ“…β’Άβ“‡β“‰β“Ž Ⓗ⒢ⓇⒹ πŸ·Ζ€α—©Π―βœžΠ£ Ζ’α—©α”•βœžπŸ»
julia1279I'm sorry never mind. Just noticed the previous comment about the size πŸ˜• they're cute though. I'll share!
scrosenbergWhat is the waist size?
itssimplysophiaIs the material stiff or flowy?
stiletto_sequin@itssimplysophia It's cotton so it has some movement but it's not very flowy. It's not stiff at all, though.
stiletto_sequin@ladyp0706 I dropped them off at USPS yesterday. I'm guessing they'll ship on Monday.
ladyp0706Great thanks!!
stiletto_sequin@tooshyworm Hey hun! I was gonna ship it tomorrow, as I had mentioned. But I just weighed it and it's a super heavy coat, and then I'll have to pay the additional shipping. In the end, I'll end up making next to nothing on it. Would you be open to renegotiating the price or do you just wanna cancel? It's a fabulous coat, and really heavy too.
tooshywormI understand .. It is fab but I'm sorry I'll have to cancel ... I can't really spend too much ... :(
msroyaHey! It's ok I understand I really just want the pants. Can you do 15 for them?
stiletto_sequin@msroya Thank you so much for understanding! I've created a new listing with the pants. If you can purchase tonight, I'll ship tomorrow.
stiletto_sequin@puda3 3.5 - 4 inches
stiletto_sequin@kazzura Hey! Thank you so much for your purchase. I'm actually out of the country till the 20th so I'll ship it then. Hope that's ok! :)
showme2themall🎢🎀🎢 I'm too cool for my dress These shades don't leave my head Everything you say is so irrelevant You follow and I lead You want to be like me But your just a wannabe love it or hate it 🎢🎀🎢πŸ’₯CongratπŸ’₯on your "cool girl" host pickπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’žπŸ’ž
mizzpinay1980Yay!! Congrats on you FAB HP!
stiletto_sequin@cloudnewport Sure, no problem! :)
stiletto_sequinHey @beeleetee - I'm so sorry but I just found out that my mom gifted this to someone! :(
stiletto_sequin@jaaayneey Thanks for both host picks!! xoxo
kyliebriennSuch a unique Posh Party theme last night! Congratulations on your item being selected for display! Hope it bring many followers and sales! Cheers, girl!! Xo
evita11So like hip length.
stiletto_sequin@evita11 Yea I would say that. Maybe even slightly longer. I'm 5'2" and it's about hip length for me.
stiletto_sequin@cparkinson22 Thank you for all your likes! Let me know if you'd like to bundle them all - I can do a discount! :)
stiletto_sequin@colleenlh Interested? I'm only keeping this avail till next week. And this is an incredibly low price!
stiletto_sequin@lloniee The zipper definitely isn't broken. I had checked it before sending it
llonieeThe zipper is function but I can't take it apart. The left side at the bottom the metal is missing. (The straight long part beginning of the zipper is missing). Seem like I'm not having good luck with my purchase on Poshmark. Unless I can open the entire zipper apart I can't squeeze my 30" hip thru it. I'm small and it's impossible. I'm going to call around to see how much to fix the zipper.
jayjanayOkay well if you could contact poshmark, so they can refund me my money that would be great!
stiletto_sequin@jayjanay They should automatically refund you, once everything is processed. If they don't in the next few days, let me know, and I'll reach out to them.
goforit13How torn up are the toes? The left looks pretty bad? And is the heel really obvious? Thx
stiletto_sequin@goforit13 Hi! Thanks for your interest. The toes are perfectly fine. The heel isn't really damaged either. Just the slight wear on the back of one shoe but it's not terribly visible. I just wanted to be clear on their condition so there's not disappointment when the buyer receives them.
goforit13@hamptongal They've gone out. Mailman didn't pick up on the weekend and clearly no mail on Sunday
hamptongal@goforit13 yippie skippe!!! Whooo raahh soo excited' thanks doll! I just put the box in a new box so I hope all was great! πŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ˜½
hamptongal@stiletto_sequin yay but ... I also received a separate package again... Pair of sneakers they are not on your page ... I don't think But from you .. I think they are puma ?
hamptongal@stiletto_sequin you need to contact posh to get a mailing label as so I can ship this package back to you . Why does your stuff keep coming here? Ha?
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