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    I have a confession: I'm a mystery box addict. I've bought several mystery boxes now from different sellers, but Amy's box was the first one I ever bought, and by far my favorite! This girl's got some serious style!! And while her style doesn't always mesh with mine on every piece, the stuff she sends is always quality, or has some sort of resell value! Please share to my closet anytime you're wanting to get rid of some greyscale clothing! I am in love with your boxes, girl! 💚🍍💚

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    To @princessamyj

    Good buy! You did a great job of selecting items styled to fit my tastes! Very pleased! Thank you!

    Aug 14
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    To @icaton

    Thank you so much Indra! You're the sweetest. Indra wrapped the skirt nicely and also threw in a beautiful vintage top to match as gift since she knew I was starting a new job!! Highly recommend ❤️

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    To @odv86

    Beautiful dress and prompt shipping! Thanks again girl! ❤️