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Modg's Closet


modgblog@powerc627 are you really interested? Please don't waste my time as you can see many did prior
powerc627Sent you an email
galcaponeMODG! They don't make this two-button style anymore, and I love the pair I have. What's the inseam on the ankle length? I have the regulars but they are long on my stumpy legs and these might work. Thanks!
benectarIt's okay, I will pass on this one :). Still interested in your dresses though!
jsheahayWould you be willing to go any lower on this?
geminigrl@modgblog sorry saw you don't do trades after I posted that! :). Love your blog btw! Congrats on the napping!:))
modgblog@courtneysmi I'm the least coolest but thank you
courtneysmi@modgblog, You're kind of a celeb in my brain, and I'm a little flustered you responded to me. I'll be ok, though :) Just thought you'd find that funny.
lisa476Thank you! I just checked out! Very excited!
lisa476Just received the dress, it's gorgeous and perfect condition! Thank you.
frijesHi Modgy I heart you. Long time reader. I feel your pain, hubby has been out of town all week leaving me with 13 month old twins and a 5 year old, barf. My reward is buying these jeans, I will feel special and brag to my friends that I'm wearing MODGs jeans :)
merciThey are frayed holes on the heels of both shoes. Not bottom as the durable rubber part, but the actual shoe itself has frayed holes. The leather part, has frayed holes. Visible frayed holes. So frayed holes, yes, that's my concern. Period.
merciMy bad, "suede" frayed holes.
yourmom666Be a Trustworthy Seller One of the best things about Poshmark is that listing is completely free. When creating a listing, please be honest in describing your item and disclose as much information as possible. This way, buyers know exactly what it is that they are getting. For more information on how to be a trustworthy seller, please check out our seller guidelines in our FAQ section.
hardeeharharmodgblog "The fact that you have this kind o time is mind boggling. I am NOT lying and don't have time to entertain this anymore. Beat it" an hour ago Followed by, modgblogNo. "Not lying. Harassment. Reported. All of your fake ids" 40 minutes ago Clearly you still have time to entertain "this". The least you can do is refund her money and make it right.
kreyes20@modgblog just FYI I still want the bundle :)
kreyes20Just paid. I have a receipt number. Let me know if you get it! Thanks!
modgblog@vnecaise what sort of things are you looking for
vnecaiseIt looks like we have similar taste in style so any cute tops, dresses etc. I just look for something different and good quality ;) I'm a 0 and 25/26 in pants just an FYI ;)) thanks
kreyes20Done. Just need your thoughts on the Anthropologie top? I don't want it too big. I do love it though.
modgblog@kreyes20 what size is your bust
modgblog@michaly totally unaware of any holes
michaly@modgblog it is front left. It also appears that there was something attached below the right strap in the front? I think I can get the remainder off without damaging the fabric. And actually now that I look at your photos one of the small holes is barely visible in the second photo bottom left. It is bound to happen with such a sheer fabric which is why it is important to inspect and list accurately.
modgblog@rberet @anniieting see updated pics I am 5 2 and size 2-4
anniietingIt's super cute but my legs are pretty dang short and I like really short dresses. Sorry!! A lot of FP clothes don't fit me the way i like but they're always adorable :(
modgblog@catly please click received in the order screen once it arrives. Thank you!
catlyI will when I do. USPS is holding it hostage. =]
modgblog@cabantom please click received in the order screen once it arrives. Thank you!
cabantom@modgblog ...will do definitely! Thanks for 📦 them! I cannot wait! Yay! 😍
modgblog@umichelle please click received in the order screen once it arrives. Thank you!
umichelleGot it! It's great, thanks!!
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