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Miko's Closet


mikoneco@reneem626 sorry that's too low... I can do $40?
stumpalicious@reneem626 I have a coach card holder/coin purse for $15. It is brown. Check out my closet!
mikoneco@casti103 it has been canceled. My apologies for the mistake! I hope you'll find one soon:)
jaimeleigh@mikoneco if for some reason you don't get the black ones sold I will buy for same price if they ever get that low;) I'm betting they don't but just in case;)
mikoneco@jaimeleigh I can do that though
hillelizaThese were beautifully packaged. Thank you so much. Hope to shop your closet again soon.
mikoneco@hilleliza your welcome! Thanks for purchasing! :)
robynbyrdIf you would be willing to bundle the 3 items I just liked for $25 I could buy right now. Please let me know if that is okay.
mikoneco@robynbyrd okay, I can do that:) ill let u know when it's ready!
mikoneco@alexa_b I just posted more pic!
abirrr112Hey! You have a really nice closet! Check out my closet! I have things that you might like(:
mikoneco@alexa_b thanks! I hope you'll enjoy it:)
alexa_bMost of them didn't fit right πŸ˜” But the ones that did, I love :)
mikoneco@lanlande83 I just realized you left a comment! It has just sold... Sorry for the late response!
ilovemy2kids@mikoneco i have some Chanel rainboots that will fit you can we do a trade and cash for your ChanelπŸ˜‰
mikoneco@jackie28 thanks for the like:)
alexa_bWhat brand is this and how generous is it in the boobs ? )
chrisbkWish I would have seen this earlier woulda paid more I love it :(
mikoneco@chrisbk so sorry... I wish you knew too!:/
lobbajl@mikoneco , love this bag! 😍 Let me know.
mikoneco@lobbajl thanks for the offer but actually I'm trying to reduce my closet size, so I'm not looking to add things to it...
tmpiersonFor them thanks! The black one's handle was showing light tan on the edges, is that just wear?
mikoneco@tmpierson so you got them?? Yea it's just wear
gail_ashley30Do u have anymore balenciaga that you're willing to sell? Pls let me know:)
mikoneco@gail_ashley30 sorry I don't have any more balenciaga... :/
chelseablair@mikoneco Hey. Received the bag today and it will be perfect for work and travel! Thanks so much for quick shipping and pics. Please tag me if you list any other bags, esp anything Chanel. Thanks!
mikoneco@chelseablair thanks! I'm glad you like it:)
moshuluCan you email me photos and prices please? Moshulu.inanotherworld at gmail. Thanks!
aniriI want this πŸ˜‚:(
mikoneco@mrs_mink thanks for purchasing:) ill pack it up and send it to you today
alexa_bHave any other shoes 6.5 ? :)
mikonecoOkay, I appreciate ur affirmation I'll PayPal u when u receive package n balance clears so then I will pay pal u. Just doing the normal procedure stuff ; )
mikoneco@cyeulinh I just PayPaled you:) thanks!
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