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Lauren's Closet


nessasaurus@laurenedelman would you mind sharing my meet your seller listing? I am trying to gain followers, and it would mean a lot. :)
laurenedelman@julia_eee it will only take a day or two for cleaning and I will pop it in the mail. :)
laurenedelman@julia_eee perfectly dry cleaned and on its way to you! I'm in NYC and so are u so should be fast!
laurenedelman@kimmy0727 put it in the mail last night!
kimmy0727Thanks however I haven't received any notice that it has shipped. Hopefully everything is ok.
kyliebriennPerfect for the ultimate date night out. ow owww! Get it girl. Congrats on the Host Pick! Cheers my lady!
stefdagdagHi, I know you've already shipped the package but do you know what might be taking it so long to get here?
laurenedelman@stefdagdag I don't know, I'm so sorry about that. The tracking information says it was supposed to deliver Monday, sept 8th. As of last evening, it was in Richmond, CA. Hoping it arrives to you today, it is moving very slowly!
emmabradyI just made an offer-I love this dress! Please consider :-)
emmabradyYAY! I am so excited to receive this in the mail! :-)
laurenedelman@erin97 sorry, no trades. Let me know if you have any questions or want to bundle items.
laurenedelman@emmabrady how about $110?
emmabradyHey there! I might Wait until some posh funds clear and then I'll get back to you!!! πŸ’‹
laurenedelman@joannegl thanks for your purchase! I'm currently out of town (returning Monday evening). I will make sure it goes out Tuesday AM.
joanneglThnxx! No rush -I loove your closet :)
vegasblonde@laurenedelman pls tag me if you have more lulu to sell. Love the pants!!
laurenedelman@vegasblonde glad you like them :). Will tag you if there are more!
laurenedelman@jljohnson625 what I have is posted in my closet. The foldover dancer pant are heather grey.
bldunawayLet me know if these or if the pink ones become available again. :)
laurenedelman@nessa35 I'm not home at the moment to do this, but will post this evening. I can assure you there is no pulling / pilling anywhere, include the inner thigh area
nessa35Ok.. I'm sorry to be a pain but I just had a bad experience on here about it.. It's good to ask so I know what I'm expecting ;) thanks. Pls tag me when pics are up ;) I really appreciate it.
laurenedelman@tecateray are you planning to purchase? I've had reserved for you for 3 days. Thanks!
tecaterayYes give me one more day and I will purchase!
laurenedelman@shopaholicshan hi! Just so you know, the package attempted delivery today to you and the address was deemed undeliverable. I think it is being returned to me.
shopaholicshan@laurenedelman thanks for letting me know! That has happened one other time for some odd reason I think they will try again... I live on a ranch so sometimes they can't find it πŸ˜₯
michelleclaire@laurenedelman hiya! Congratulations on co-hosting tonight's party!!! Hope you have a fab time! If you have a second would you take a peek in my closet to see of there's anything that could be a possible host pick? I'd really appreciate it! 🌺
palau_de_ninaYou should be proud you did a lovely job on tonight's party!
laurenedelman@kperry83 I'm on vacation until Tuesday...I will ship it out on Tuesday. I'm in NYC, so it should get to you in 1 day!
kperry83Ok Thanks for letting me know
jcfung1Love these. Thanks!
oceanjewelersHappy co-hosting and congratulations!!!🌹🌹🌹 I'm mostly a jewelry closet so if you haven't picked all your HPs for this category, I hope you get to take a peek around. I can't wait to shop your picks!! I'll be there to support and party with you, can't wait!! πŸŽ‰
maluisachuaHi!!! What's the length on these?
ing2468@laurenedelman I have a pair of these and they are great!! So flattering! I am also usually a 4, but wear a size 2 in them! Will share! πŸ˜„
wenrellaHi, I just wanted to introduce myself before the Monday party we are Co-hosting. I'll be posting the party in my closet tonight. Its nice 2 meet U ✌
bellanblue@laurenedelman hi Lauren! Congrats on hosting! Super duper exciting! I would be honored if you can raid my closet for possible HPs. Thanks for your consideration. See you there! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
crk419@laurenedelman would you mind if i asked you for advice on how you sold your items since you have sold so much? thanks! :)
samanthawaanthaJust wanted to say, I'm IN LOVE with your closet!
saresli81@laurenedelman He there. Did you send these off yet? I'm not rushing I promise but I forgot to change the address before I purchased. Ill be out if this house by Tuesday, would you have an email address that I can email you my new address to? Thanks again
sarhee@laurenedelman Sounds good, you've got a deal :). Have fun on your travels!!
laurenedelman@sarhee thank u!! Will ship them out as soon as I get home
laurenedelman@crispa007 I got this out in the mail this morning, but didn't include the dust bag, because it had gotten dirty in my closet. Will be happy to wash it and send to you when I return from my trip if you still want it. Just let me know.
crispa007Just got the bag. It's in better condition than I expected! Great doing business with you. If you can send the dust bag when you get back, that would be great. thanks again!
zahra73757Hello, could you please share a couple of items in my closet? I am having trouble selling and could use the help any tips or suggestions would be nice too. Your help is much appreciated!!
laurenedelman@zahra73757 the best way to sell items is to have a killer cover photo and use the other photos to show details of the product. If its clothing, take a pic of you wearing it, so the buyer can have an idea of how it fits. Also make sure to include brand names, people are more willing to purchase if there is a brand they know and recognize. I hope that helps.
paddingtoncatThank you!
mrsdiva703Well, my friends, the time has come To raise the roof and have some fun Throw away the work to be done Let the music play on(play on, play on) Everybody sing, everybody dance Lose yourself in wild romance We're going to party Karamu, fiesta, forever Come on and sing along! Get your last minute Host Picks (please check my closet!), and Enjoy your party tonight!
laurenedelman@kkelly1279 I could do both for $340 (15% off). Let me know and I'll bundle for you :)
kkelly1279Ok, let me think about it I'm a little worried about the fit but they are both super cute!
laurenedelman@charlene163 sorry for the delay. They are 3.5 inches across the widest part of the toe area (near the base). The instep is 2.5 inches (narrowest part of the shoe). Does that help?
charlene163Awesome thanks so much they fit great
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