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Jennifer's Closet


tizey718I'm sorry I'm not going to be able to, my water pump just went out in my car 😪
jennyhawkinsBummer, well maybe I'll still have them when you have money again. : )
jennyhawkins I deleted the individual listings to keep anyone from thinking the items are still available & purchasing. I will get them shipped on my way to work in the morning. : ) Thank you for your purchase!
jennyhawkinsMy printer is not printing your shipping label clear enough to read. I'm going to have to go to the library monday morning & print it. If I didnt have to be @ work before the post office closes today I'd go do it now but I dont have enough time. I'm sorry. I'll get it shipped first thing monday. Thanks : )
jennyhawkinsAdult- women's. I'm generally a 14-16 pants size & the top is a little loose on me.
nursedesiree@jennyhawkins Ok, gotcha. Thank you.
hgujfexvjjbbnjReally? One was a small! There was only 2 that were XL
jennyhawkinsAll of them still fit me. And even as a teen I have not been a small... I didn't think to check sizes because they fit me and I'm an XL. If something doesn't fit I'm happy to pay the return shipping & refund money for the item.
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