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Ify by bobi's Closet


teaseWhat's your height in this dress and what does the back look like?
ify_clothing@tease I'm 5'11 and it touches my foot. Back looks exactly like the front. Deleting this dress today and posting at a slightly higher price. You can buy it today only at the same price
nadiamuyCan you do 22 for this ?
ify_clothing@nadiamuy 22 only if you buy today. Will be removing this listing today
ify_clothingHey @lilmichelle79 sorry to hear about the tear. Must have happened at the shoot, didn't notice it. I'm glad your happy with it though :) thank you
lilmichelle79@ify_clothing No worries... I was able to fix it with a thread and needle and it looks like new again. Thank you so much for the quick shipment! I love the dress and it is perfect!!! 😘
sokekeVery pleased with my purchase! @ify_clothing
ify_clothing@sokeke so happy to hear that! Glad it all worked out. Thank you :)
ify_clothingYou're welcome. Will ship today or tomorrow. Thank you :) @ebloomer
ebloomerYou're welcome. I can't wait! :)
fccandles@ify_clothing love the macaroons!! Your pics are AWSOME !! Nicely done😊😊👏 and you're beautiful to boot :-) thanks for the shares ...Kim
ify_clothing@richview11 thank you for your purchase! Your item will be shipped tomorrow. Usually doesn't take me that long but my work schedule has been crazy this week. Thanks for your patience :)
alexmech_Sorry for so many comments but i just read the above comments and didnt realize you didnt trade and saw your lowest was 19! Had to have them been looking for these everywhere!! When can you ship? :)
ify_clothingHey @alexmech_ lol no problem at all. Thank you! Will ship tomorrow :)
miaseruboThanks I've been wanting this hat forever !!!
haleyd105Do you have anymore snap backs I love them😊
blorrainet@lovesounds If you put them up for sell tag me please! Thanks!!
blorrainet@ify_clothing Hey Hun! You still in love with these?? I am! You still keeping em? 😊
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