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Hollie's Closet


kaylynbarnewoltIs this sheer? Sorry for all the questions I just love a bunch of your items :)
holliefost3r@kaylynbarnewolt No problem at all love! It's a bit sheer, but is okay with a tan bra 😊
httpsamwould you lower this? or trade?
httpsamcan you post a picture of you wearing the hat please
alyssapetiteThanks!! Can't wait!!
holliefost3r@alyssapetite Hi Alyssa! I'm so sorry for the delay! Work and school have been crazy. I just sat down to package your jellies, but I've noticed a small scuff on the front that never caught my eye when I listed them. I'm adding a photo of the scuff now, please let me know if you still want them! If you don't, I totally understand, I just wanted to let you know first! I'm so sorry about this :(
nicoleg_sizzleHi doll do you have AA high waisted jeans?
queenofthetrapDo you have the medium wash high wasted denim shorts in 27? :-)
holliefost3r@lexymorales hi silly little grandmother here I used the label on this app you will see an update soon My grand daughter doesn't think too highly of me Sorry she's s dick It's been shipped
lexymorales@holliefost3r aw that's fine!! thanks!
painted_eyesThey didn't respond, so if you could send it to my new address that'd be great :)
painted_eyesAhh nevermind! They gave me a refund after all :) sorry for all the confusion!!
ashfontanilleWould you trade both my likes for the jean jacket?
holliefost3r@ashfontanille Hey, I just snagged a jean jacket from someone else, but I'm interested in trading for your red Brandy long sleeve shirt :)
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