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Allyson mia's Closet


kristenannes@gnomesjoyclub great, thank you!! XO
gnomesjoyclub@kristenannes Packaged and waiting for the postman to pick up 😊 I literally walked from my flat to my car to work and realized I needed an 8 so thank you for buying so I can get the bigger size!! Hope you love 'em ☺️
gnomesjoyclub@jcc0211 I'll package up when I get home from work and they will ship tomorrow ☺️ thanks for your purchase!
jcc0211Thank you!!!!! Yay!!!!
jonalyssaI love your closet! Creative ! πŸ‘Œ How did you get so many followers ?! Any tips for me ?☺ I would greatly appreciate it
nmcdaniel03Love πŸ’• your closet πŸ˜„ my sister is a red head and she's my best friend so I already like you πŸ˜„πŸ’œ
gnomesjoyclub@itslove Thanks so much! Hope you're doing well, too, dear!! ☺️
plasmatacoftwIf you use this code (RQEBZF) you get 10 dollars to spend on M.e,r.c,a,r,i to buy anything
sweetgirl88Hi, do you have anymore W? Thx!
gnomesjoyclub@sweetgirl88 Hello there! I'm sorry, this was my only W but I'll tag you in the few letters I have left!
azramuellerIt'll be worn so much! Merry Christmas to you too doll! <3 You're awesome!
gnomesjoyclub@azramueller Oh, and I'll ship the day after Christmas! (:
rhoxanneStill available?
gnomesjoyclub@rhoxanne Thanks so much for your purchase! Will ship on the 26th! Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays 😊
ashby11Hey sorry I didn't see your counter offer until it was expired. I am still interested :)
gnomesjoyclub@ashby11 just accepted the offer (: I'll ship first thing on Monday!!
gnomesjoyclub@kberry9 Hello! Happy Thanksgiving! I just realized I hadn't received a shipment confirmation email from Posh yet so I'm going to pop into my leasing office tomorrow and make sure the package went out the other morning. I'll let you know!
gnomesjoyclub@kberry9 Looks like it was scanned on the 26th so it should be arriving soon (:
ilovesunsetπŸŽ‰βœ¨πŸŽ‰βœ¨πŸŽ‰Congrats on your Host Pick πŸŽ‰βœ¨πŸŽ‰βœ¨πŸŽ‰
gnomesjoyclub@daw12021996 hello there! I don't trade either, unfortunately. Plus I'm actually selling this for my mum, thanks for your interest though (:
gnomesjoyclub@sameob Thank you so much for your offer and purchase! Your lovely item will ship first thing Monday morning!
gnomesjoyclub@linz_marie Thanks so much for your purchase! The postman missed my scheduled pickup today so your necklace will be headed your way tomorrow - I'll be sure to run him down (:
gnomesjoyclub@naimmaria Sounds perfect (: the other package I sent out the same day was delivered quite a few days ago! The post office can also give you more up-to-date tracking information that doesn't always show on our end and they can open up an investigation, if need be! Thanks!
naimmariaI relieved it today :) thank you! Poshmark hasn't relieved confirmation from usps but I accepted it already :)
gnomesjoyclub@christinalpi thanks so much for your purchase! Already packaged up and ready to ship (:
christinalpi@gnomesjoyclub Wow, that's awesome! Thanks so much! I've been eyeing this scarf up forever.. So happy I finally bought it! :)
gnomesjoyclub@thessdezareyes I will be shipping other posh items tomorrow morning if you needed it straight away!
thessdezareyesYes i want this but i dont wanna pay S&H just for that amount and you dont have anymore the other letters that i need
gnomesjoyclub@orzelent Thanks so much for your purchase ☺️ I will be shipping tomorrow!!
orzelentThanks for the update, I look forward to receiving them.
llyseThanks @shanna76 for remembering, sharing & finding for me! Now, praying they fit!
llyse@gnomesjoyclub Your very welcome! Can't wait! They are Going with a perfect out fit I purchased from @shanna76! You young girls keeping this old lady styling!
gnomesjoyclub@lauraaaaams I'm so sorry but I already dropped it in the outgoing packages box in my mailroom. I will definitely let you know if the buyer wants to return for any reason!
lauraaaaamsOk thanks
gnomesjoyclub@britt74 Okay, looks like it's out for delivery today (: must have somehow gotten through without being scanned! Hope you love it (:
britt74I did get the shipped email. I am on my way home from work now so I will email if I get it!! Thank you
gnomesjoyclub@klbormann Thanks so much for your purchase! I'll be shipping out first thing on Monday 😊
uhleesuhI've been looking all over for this! @klbormann you're so lucky!
gnomesjoyclub@live4shppping I will ship first thing tomorrow! Just so you know, it can sometimes take an extra day for my post office to scan in their packages so you may receive the Posh shipment email on Saturday!
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