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Tania's Closet


robindaisyAwe poop I shuda recommended this for tonight's party it's perf :/
gurlwiddacurlYou don't have anything for sale right now? 😔
crystaladellThanks lady 😘
frankiesbazaar@crystaladell no problem! I'll ship it off Monday morning since the post office will be closed by the time I get off from work. Thank you! :)
frankiesbazaar@robindaisy lol i have way too many jackets, I need to sell so much more >.<
gemmacapuaI love your style girl! 😍😍😍 Absolutely gorgeous!
trianapdistrictI'm a 6.5.. Would it fit comfortably?
frankiesbazaar@trianapdistrict it would fit a little big, with socks I'm sure it'd fit ok though, but this is listed as a 7. Have you ever tried on size 7 shoes?
frankiesbazaar@mar_tini yes'm, want me to let you know if I list it?
mar_tiniYes please! Would you go lower on pp if you accepted it?
jenineJust purchased! 😊 Sorry I forgot to ask if there are any major scuffs or any damages?
coltoninenglandwow so so so sad that these sold:(
dellabarronNo problem! Stuff happens!!
frankiesbazaar@dellabarron I shipped this out in Monday, it should be with you very soon! Thank you so much for your patience 💚
abstractsmileI swear I love your shoes! But my feet run 6.5 or 7. 😔
frankiesbazaar@abstractsmile awe denggg :( well I have a few sz 7s I believe, I'll post them if I can find them ☺️
frankiesbazaar@painfullyhip hmm I would personally say the combat boots, I love wearing them with warm Socks during the colder months.
frankiesbazaar@painfullyhip All set miss Amber! ;D
frankiesbazaar@painfullyhip I shipped today!! I had it all wrapped up nice with a cute little note in a box, but Posh's shipping label wouldn't cover the total cost, so I had to pack it in their envelope so my originally cute packaging had to come undone D; I'm sorry.
frankiesbazaar@painfullyhip yes dahhhhllliiinngg! You'll see it at the very top of my closet 😁
frankiesbazaar@iluv1d015 sorry babe I had someone ask me to bundle these a few days ago :|
aslomeSorry I got this Friday and was so wrapped up in the weekend that I completely forgot to thank you! Everything is wonderful
frankiesbazaar@aslome yeyyy!! Thank youuu :))
megsbs@kristindorn Hi love- Please let me know if you ever decide to re-sell these. Thanks!!
kristindorn@megsbs Hi doll! Actually I would consider selling them, I've accumulated way too many shoes lately! Shoot me an email at kristin.dorn@gmail.com :)
cdf3hI didn't think abt it either! No prob!
frankiesbazaar@cdf3h hello miss just wanted to let you know Your item shipped today ;)
instinctDude, I totally lurk your shit on eBay all the time!
frankiesbazaar@instinct you have no idea how happy that made me hahah xD that's got to be the highest form of flattery.
cheysniderThank you I'm so sorry I ignored you when you were trying to cut me a deal that wasnt cool
frankiesbazaar@cheysnider no worries, I'll ship this out tomorrow!
alexyyloveI love them, they're so cute! Thank you :D
frankiesbazaar@alexyylove Awe no, thank you for the positive feedback! I'm so glad you like them!!
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