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Erika's Closet


erikame@childwalk Sounds good! Hope you're having a fab new year 😘
erikame@childwalk Hi dearest Angela! Just reduced these😉
madisontindell2Hey girl! I absolutely love love love your closet😍 have a amazing 4th & happy poshing!💞🌸🌷
erikame@madisontindell2 Thanks! You too
lynnamaxDo you have in a 27 or 28? Love them!
erikame@lynnamax I don't I'm sorry. I'm a 29 and these fit me because they have stretch (they're super comfy). I loooove them as well!
erikame@jessinboots No and because there were only 8 pieces made I don't think we will ever find one. Did you take a look at the last photos on the dress form?
staceylagirl@erikame would but cant fit into a size 1. I am a small but not a 1. Like 4 or size 26. Too risky but id love to share for you - i have a lot of tiny followers , good luck its so cool!
erikame@hershsgirl Thanks girlfriend! If you bundle items, my discounts are amazing
erikame@hershsgirl Hi! Hope you were able to update your app. These shoes are still available for you!😊
kaylamizzellDo you have the white vneck ootd shirt in large available?
erikame@kaylamizzell Not any more, sorry. I have a few left of the other styles in large. Lmk if you like any other style.
erikame@irinaapopov They are super cute. This one is vneck and the vogue sold out. They are different. Some have a round neck. Lmk the size you need and style and I will create your listing
irinaapopovSo vogue is sold out? :( in that case, I guess I only want the singleish. in a Med.
erikame@roses38 Here is the original listing. I think it's a better idea to like this one instead😉. Lmk if you have any questions
erikame@kaylamizzell This one is available in vneck and size Large
juliaeporterYes very cute. But trending a little young for me. I will keep following your closet though!
erikame@stellahunter Lmk if you want me to create a listing of a large for you or you can go ahead and buy the listing of the last medium... Unless you want to bundle items😊
ahoyangelashares for shares? :3
mbroughton227@erikame is it $22 for 2 shirts?
erikame@mbroughton227 No. Ignore that. These tops were selling for $30 each or $22 each when bundled. I can't edit it anymore so just ignore
chelsea5Just wanted to let you know Jesus Loves You and has great plans for you just accept him today :)
justtinsgirlLove this shirt :)
argisitaI actually had this!! I never wore it so I sold it to my sisters friend! Thanxx for the tag tho :) il share it!! :))
justjessi@erikame too big, I am afraid! 😢😢😢 bummer, cuz it's a mad belt! 💋♻️ #xojessi
erikame@justjessi The other one is smaller and also more holes can be made
cody7150Congratulations on your Fabulous Host Pick! 👏👏👏💃💃💃🎉🎉🌹👑🌹🎉🎉💃💃💃👏👏👏
stapler6202🎉Congratulations on your fabulous host pick!🎉
erikame@poppy64 Thank you so much for making this a host pick at your "preppy glam party!"🎉💐
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