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Meaghan's Closet


divamjamesHave you shipped to me yet?
queenlo😱😱 i know these were sols but where did you purchase these?
jcrillyCute dress! Congratulations on host pick during tonight's Total Trendsetter Party! πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ
sms2811@districtsparkle Congrats πŸŽ‰you've got yourself one beautiful Total Trendsetter Host Pic✨Time to celebrate 🍷 woo-hoo πŸ’– -Sammy
districtsparkle@jperalta93 Nope not all all. Mine wasn't Zara. Just trying to show them the black Zara is available!
districtsparkleHi @lady_ann have you received!!?
kp0nOmg I was too late πŸ˜‘
kp0nIf you still have this I am interested! Thank you
lportmessJust kidding, I figured it out. Sorry, new to Poshmark.
districtsparkle@lportmess Didn't know you could reserve! Amaze. Will ship this afternoon!
calimomCan you provide measurements? I've never tried on this brand.
gockyleCongrats on being a host!
districtsparkle@hunny21 will ship first thing tmrw am!
hunny21Awesome thanks. :) maybe I'm lucky and it'll get here early next week.
ppl16The dress you sent me was the wrong one. You listed it as navy and cream but you sent me one that was black and beige and a size medium, not a small/size 4. It also has animal hair all over it. Can you please send me the correct one???
districtsparkle@wendybe85 just got back from work travel. They were shipped this morning!! xo
wendybe85@districtsparkle great! Thanks for letting me know. :)
jamisclosetI love this dress.
districtsparkle@meemsak It actually fits like a 2 - I'm afraid it's be too big on you :/
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