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Chicagochic's Closet


digitalgirl@dapaura so sorry. I have been waiting for something to clear. Looks like it's taking longer than expected though. Would you mind holding a little longer ? If not, you can go ahead and put it back up. Thanks !
dapaura@digitalgirl no problem at all, I'll continue holding! Just let me know when you want me to release it & I will! :)
mkendlehartGot these today and they are fab!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
dapaura@mkendlehart thank you so much for the comment & letting me know! I'm so glad you got them!! Xo
bly767@dapaura are these like A size 2 or 3? How do true religion fit? They go by 25,26,27. What is the normal size like in these jeans?
dapaura@bly767 I believe they would be equivalent to a size 2 since that's my normal size :)
dannylynnGreat! Thank you! Do you take PayPal?
dapaura@dannylynn sure, I'll just have to add $3 for shipping. You can leave your Paypal address here and I'll send you the bill! :)
rachelwWhat about a size 4-6? What are the measurements? Waist? Hip? Inseam? Lmk thx :)
dapaura@rachelw I don't know the pants measurements but I can tell you mine. Im a 26 inch waist, 35 hip, and I'm 5'6" and they fit me perfectly with probably room for a but more stretch. So I definitely would say size 4-6 would work.
dapaura@cicasi wow!! I got them 2 years ago! Good!
cicasi@dapaura Really? :) I guess USA just had them lol they don't carry size 34 though the smallest is 36, it fits perfectly! usually 36 is way too big for me.
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