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Brandy's Closet


bschuenemann@mica_craft I love it, as a buyer and a seller. Amazing site!
mica_craftI have been thinking and I think I will wait on a red purse. Thank you for your time😃
ewruckerThank you, look forward to doing business with you again.
ewruckerI received the package , thank you.. My dtr loved everything... The dress fit her perfect.
bschuenemann@gracebeth124 Certainly! Too much trouble to re-list it tho. Dropped the price to $2 and I'll send the 2 items.
gracebeth124Thank you ma'am!
jeperieraThank you for finding time to ship today! I really appreciate it and I hope you have a great night
bschuenemann@jeperiera Thank you! You're too sweet.
chatjwis everything in good condition? that's the only thing that's holding me back. kind of traumatized but your stuff really looked good in the photos.
bschuenemann@chatjw :-) I'm just tired of holding on to stuff. Everything's in good condition. Look at the comments from other buyers on the sold items. That might give you confidence.
bschuenemann@wendykane Yes, you did it! Congrats. Post office is already closed today. I'll get it in the mail Monday. You'll get a notice when it ships. Thank you!
bschuenemannAlso, I'm going to delete the original posts so they don't sell again.
bschuenemann@nmoruzzi Yay! You bought some really great items! I'll get them in the mail tomorrow! I'm going to delete the individual listings now.
nmoruzziArrived quickly! Everything is exactly as described & pictured! Perfect! Thanks again.
f33bi3Trade?! : )
bschuenemannI don't really want to trade but I can lower the price to $5 if that would make a difference?
kglover24I can send the money in the mail nd wen u receive the money you just send the item.
bschuenemann@kglover24 You can't send cash in the mail. Do you have a paypal account?
bschuenemannI am tiny, size 0 most times. This dress you're commenting on fits me pretty good but its not meant to fit snug. Many of the things I have listed are just a bit too big for me. They don't hug me like they're supposed to.
cherrylips1344Loveeee this dress
bschuenemannThanks @paperbagels I'll try to get this shipped tomorrow morn. Monday at the latest. Have a good weekend!
paperbagelsThanks Brandy! You too!
bschuenemannThanks @amers80 I will get this in the mail right away. Hopefully today before the holiday weekend.
bschuenemannHeaded your way!
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