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Anum's Closet


xiriGot the shoes Hun... I'm so happy with my pink shoes !their gorgeous !!!!!
anumt@xiri enjoy! 😊
chunter2That's so weird! Yes the address is correct I bought a pair of nikes the same time I bought these and have already received my nikes that is why I was checking in with you
anumt@chunter2 tracking says that these were delivered, can you please confirm if you received them? thanks!
anumt@ashwep yay great! enjoy!
jaydeekThanks for the follow! 20% off sale on everything in my closet this week!
janellecheriseCheers to you on 8/2! We made a toast and here's a "Congrats from the Host!" Drink to yourself my friend; your item was picked as a "Top Summer Trend!"
anumt@hmcauliffe thanks for purchasing! will ship out Monday!
clareazmsm@anumt I received the bangles & the ring today. I LOVE the ring. I have to say though that the bangles are a little cheap. I paid $24 out of the bundle toward them & they feel very much like plastic and rub off a ton a glitter onto your hand/arm when you put them on. I'll still keep them because I know my daughters will love them, just please be a little more specific in your description next time. I still like your closet & will accept the items right now. Thanks. :)
anumt@clareazmsm sorry you were disappointed, but these are designer bangles that I originally paid $60 for and never wore, so I think you still got a deal. thanks again for purchasing
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