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Anita's Closet


aussiejess0Sorry I'm in Vegas this weekend. Enough said lol just purchased now thanks 😀
anita_getfit@aussiejess0 thank you! Have a great time!
lulu8182@anita_getfit congrats hunnie! you look amazing! have you ever heard of herbalife? i've been using their products for the last month and i've lost 8 lbs, 4 1/2 in of my hips, 2 1/2 in off my waist and chest... i drink the meal replacement shakes for breakfast and dinner and have a protein based lunch along with healthy snacks throughout the day.. they have this amazing herbal tea that helps boost your metabolism and gives you energy... i also exercise 5 days a week
ktutt1I am about to follow you on instagram.. Love your closet..
jmothersheadWas gonna comment anyways before I saw the meet your seller ad. All your clothes for this size are very fashionable and cute! Good job. It's super hard to find cute clothes that size. Ironically enough I was 205 size 16 n now am 173 size 12. You look amazing!! What kinda workout are you doing to get your arms in shape? How long did it take for them to slim like that? I'm into it 5 months watching what I eat and arm exercises every night before bed but not a lot is changing in that lower part of my bicep
maureen888ѕυper нυge congraтѕ on yoυr reтro glaм parтy нoѕт pιcĸ!! 📷💥💃
rrmadonna@anita_getfit thank You For such a Fast shippment on this and I love your closet and just started following your Instagram hadn't seen your story but must say YOU are amazing!! How inspiring all around you are fantastic thanks for sharing your life. So wonderful to see people like this who uplift others in life. A huge congrats and i will def. continue to follow your progress and your fashion You look fantastic, Thank You again. 👏👑💗
jn33615@anita_getfit thank you😆
calissa333Where was the pink dress purchased at?! I love it and would like to find my own :)
kmtrudeauWhat brand is this/where did you buy it?
anita_getfit@kmtrudeau french atmosphere tag posted. All new items I get from a local distributor
anita_getfit@lamboy84 Hi. Yes try going your post office and see if its there first.
lamboy84Ok iv contacted local post office it looks like they did deliver the dress he did tell me theres been problems with burglary out there never had issues before.....😔 so i did purchase another skirt on sat i went ahead n changed shipping address though iv checked tracking n im waiting on it now, should be here today . 😊 The other one i never recieved probably wasnt meant for me😔
choppernylaCongrats on your sale. If you wouldn't mind I would still like to know the brand. Id like to see if I can find one somewhere. Thanks!
anita_getfit@choppernyla thanks. It's Ashley by 26 International
onyxandorchid✨🙋Perfect Styles of the Season host pick!! Love it!!🙋✨
hopesparkles✨💖🎉 Yay, I'm so thrilled that one of my HPs has sold in less than a month since my party back on 12/21! Congratulations! 😘💖✨
rbarlow1127Do you have any more earrings like these for sale
anita_getfit@rbarlow1127 not at this time. Might get more next weekend
palau_de_ninaSimplicity Is The Ultimate Form of Sophistication~ Congrats on Your Simply Classic Host Pick! 👡👠👢👚👗🎽👖👝👛
colabeanThank you so much. That was so very kind of you to help me out. Have a great holiday season
anita_getfit@colabean of course! Merry Christmas xo
erinbar@anita_getfit will you be having anymore dresses just like this one?
anita_getfit@erinbar im not sure. If I see them again then yes. I'll tag you
anita_getfit@shiggins77 it's shipped! 🎄📦
shiggins77Thank you :) Now to decide if I'm keeping this as a present to myself or giving it to my sister ☺
anita_getfit@happynana130 thank you! Hope you're feeling better xo
happynana130@anita_getfit thank you for long hold... Nana Nea is great!! God has me and it was a warning sign... Leave my work at work doctors orders. Five more years and I will retire. 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love Ya lots gorgeous you have a special place in my heart 😊❤️😘 Nana Nea
anita_getfit@britt74 you def can or wear a big bold rhinestone necklace. I can do $5 off that's about it.
britt74Omg did it really sell? I was going to buy it 😢
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