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Anita's Closet


anita_getfit@lamboy84 new skirt if interested I'll give you a good discount since you just bought 3 items xo
lamboy84@anita_getfit thank you😊 but im going to pass this time . skirt is gorgous though 😘.
mikimoonJust wanted to say I ❀️❀️ your closet! We're the exact same height and size so I'll def be keeping an eye out and I'm down 75 lbs in the last year or so I'll be following your page on ig for inspiration as well!
anita_getfit@mikimoon thank you!! &!great job
joctwin28Hi. Do you have any more maxi or midi dresses that you haven't posted?
anita_getfit@joctwin28 no not right now I have one more midi skirt. I'll post soon
latiiana@anita_getfit did u ship it yet?
anita_getfit@latiiana taking it tomorrow morning it's packed already and in the car
mimzy74@anita_getfit , so sorry Anita. I was out for a day and hadn't logged in. Done! Thank you for your patience. ❀️xoxoxoxo
mimzy74@anita_getfit , me too! It's gorgeous on you. The colors and pattern are amazing! Thank you again.
kayhkulit@anita_getfit skrry for the late response. I was so busy in school and work today. Thank u for finding my dress. Muah
anita_getfitThanks! Congratulations again xo @kayhkulit
frijolito89Oh, this is the first time i make an offer, i got confused bc i never got to hit the buy now button. Thank yiu for accepting it. Do you have any more of those middy skirt outfits?
anita_getfit@frijolito89 welcome. Not now hopefully this weekend. Is there a specific what you wanted?
lamboy84@anita_getfit you think u can find more dresses like these 😊 for ur closet
anita_getfitYes I'll look tomorrow 😘 @lamboy84
rrmadonnaSuper, going to look for sure. I'm always looking at your posts cuz gives me ideas so thank you for sharing your journey. Keep them coming @anita_getfit
anita_getfit@imashtastic So my boyfriend already has the package and is dropping off during lunch for me :) you'll probably have my Wednesday the latest xo
latiianaYour the only one i can buy from without having issues since we have similar body types.
anita_getfit@latiiana ☺️😘❀️
mssHi Anita! How r u lady? How much for this top n the leopard cardigan
iampybI'm sorry for the delay I didn't see your message until today. I updated my address I live in Ga I hope it shows updated on your end. @anita_getfit
anita_getfit@iampyb yup Roswell GA! No worries xo
ash_baby@anita_getfit sorry wasnt aware it was in. It must have been delivered to my front office of my apartments and i havent been in.
anita_getfitNo sorry :/ bundle is ready @liboria
liboriaThank you!! Please tag me if u add new stuff.. Love ur closet
anita_getfitYou got it thanks! @mimzy74
mimzy74@anita_getfit , thank you! Will purchase by midnight tonight ;) you're the best! Xoxoox love U lots
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