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Amanda's Closet


cgarcia312Hi are these pink or red
anda@cgarcia312 I'm calling it pink. It kind of looks like shades of both, especially inside the frames, but it's more pink on the outside of the frames
babiedoveOk thanks, I'll get them then.
anda@babiedove so I wasn't supposed to get back home until late thursday, but I had to drive back to our office this afternoon, so I was able to go by my place and get these shoes in the mail
abbistricklandWhat are the dimensions?
ilymunizHow big is it? Can you model on your back please :)
anda@zandsmommy post office says it was delivered, did you receive it ok?
zandsmommyNo I haven't yet :-( ill check mail today
juliephilliansif not that's cool I can buy it lol
anda@juliephillians just saw your comment, I'm really not looking to trade atm
anda@houseofmarch I don't know, & I'm not at home right now, I'll check when I get back
anda@houseofmarch sorry for taking so long to reply, it's pleather
anda@spenser14 finally got it in the mail today, but in a little 'sorry it took me so damn long' surprise.
anda@spenser14 hope you received it
anda@mommyaims85 these are the main type of SD cards I used
mommyaims85Ok good bc I got like 3 or 4 of them.
anda@rockhudson usps says it was delivered, hope you got it ok
rockhudsonYes Thank you. Samantha ie rockhudson
andaThanks! I'll be shipping it on Monday
winkleSmaller than I thought, but it's exactly what I wanted! The sound is great too! Thank you :)
tskates6@anda purchased! I hope it's not too late to take it to the post office! Be safe 😃
anda@tskates6 it's now shipped
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