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Sarah's Closet


love_daisyDo you like anything else in my closet?(:
1sarahSorry I didn't respond. I was waiting for an email from you. I just "liked" another top that I like from your closet, if you want to trade that as well for the jeans and something else let me know. :)
1sarah@michelley808 let me know if you'd like to trade or bundle :)
michelley808Just browsing for now thank you
1sarah@ladybookworm Thanks for sharing! Let me know if you're interested in trading or bundling. :)
ladybookworm@1sarah Just browsing hon
1sarah@woahhitsashx thanks for the like! If you're interested I may be interested in trading. Let me know!
woahhitsashx@1sarah what size pants would they fit?
1sarah@dulcecandyviv Thank for the share! I trade and bundle if you're interested. :)
dulcecandyviv@1sarah my pleasure & thank you. :)
evey29Is this the lowest price??
1sarah@evey29 I can go down to 10. I also bundle and trade. :)
1sarah@kellyd5 sure! :) I'll take some more pics tomorrow during the day with natural light. The lighting in my house at night is terrible.
1sarah@kellyd5 I took a few more pictures for you. The second picture is the right color. I don't know why the color looks different in every picture. The last picture is a close up of where the sleeve connects. It's very high quality stitching. Let me know what you think. :)
1sarah@keshiabritbrat thanks for sharing :) would you be interested in a trade?
keshiabritbrat@1sarah UR welcome dear .. Not at this moment. 😊
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