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rheadcseller@chocolatey Hello! Let me know if I can assist you with anything :) thanks for liking!
tarynlea30@kimmiedee Morning! Do u have this shirt in a XL?
kimmiedee@tarynlea30 good morning to you! This is the only one I have in this style...I do have a chiffon front, jersey back one that I have to list in size XL, I'll tag you when I get it listed😋❤️
luzfashion0617@justjessi You are creative. The focal point would draw my eye to the flower🌺👀. Lol!
justjessi@luzfashion0617 lol....yeah....that was a concern‼️ lol. 💋#Xojessi
rella79@cpahmeier learn from the best doll ;)
shabs425@rella79 @cpahmeier hi !! Thx for checking out my closet! This top is PERFECT for vegas!! Any interest? Price is negotiable!! :)
amyb0610Do u trade?
rheadcseller@amyb0610 Hi there! Trying to clear the closet sweetie. Cannot trade. But I can make a deal and lower prices for you
lauren5103Saw you were looking for a coach purse check out the two brand new ones in my closet
marly911Thank you. @caroleadams yay👏👏 couldn't resist.
nluciano@marly911 great changed price. Thx for purchasing . The bag was opened cuz I wanted to check the fitting for u or normally I send sealed. Enjoy. ❤❤❤❤❤
aimers56Hee. I have 9 so I hit that. Thanks. :)
sixivy@aimers56 I like the sound of that!😀 just let me know if you want more pics on any item. See my Hobo Bag sale and xtra pics post for feedback. Happy Shopping!
fabfinds@msjoi hi what app are you using to get the white background?
msjoi@fabfinds Hi, those are pics from the web..not nap app...thx
sassysuzzyTop pic looks like it's long. Past hips but other looks like shorter. Can you measure from top of shoulder to bottom. I see this is polyester. It kind of looks heavy like a sweater. Is it light wt or knit like?
maremurphy@sassysuzzy hi. Sorry for late reply. Sleeping. This is a light weight material. 2 layers as you can see by the last pic. 25" from shoulder to hem. Plz LMK if you have any more questions 🌺🌺
maremurphy@mdkenney09 thank you so much. ❤🌺
mlj42Thanks so much for sharing girlfriend!
luvtoshop007Great let me look and group some things together
kimmiedee@luvtoshop007 awesome❤️ I meant to type sports bra😜
kimmiedee@krlacy sorry for the delay, I missed your comment earlier...I can do $35 on the two ❤️
crazylady1965This one has the prettiest colors I really love it
lscannl@miamigo thanks for all the likes!! Let me know if you'd like a bundle price for some/all of them!!
wkendall@sakshi9984 Yeah!! Posh is the best thing ever!!:) You have beautiful collection of unique jewelry.
sakshi9984Thanks u so much dear . 😍
tdkbkt6Congratulations On Your Fabulous Back To Basics Host Pick!!💕👏👏👏💕🎉🎉🎉💕💐💐💐💕🎈🎈🎈💕🌷🌷🌷💕 I'm So Excited For You! 💕😃💕
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