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julz10163@clocke44 thank you.for the like! Let me know if you are interested!
julz10163@kchase86 thanks for the like let me know if you are interested!
julz10163@suzys hey I'm only looking to sell at the moment need the money! :)
mrslambert9212@julz10163 hello, the black one is a large and you said sheer back? Is it so sheer another top would have to be worn with it?
mrslambert9212@julz10163 also, do you by chance trade or partial trade? Just wondering bc love your closet lol, don't wanna spend much bc I'm moving and also have been losing weight but I had shoulder surgery yesterday and tube tops would very helpful next few months lol. Thanks a bunch!!
mzshonabooDo you trade at all?
savvyspending@mzshonaboo sorry I don't, but I do negotiate and give bundle discounts.
chicadeganga@thingsthatrred the fabric content is 52% polyester 48% cotton. It is in good condition. No holes or stains. I am away from home at the moment but will give you the measurements as soon as I get back.
chicadeganga@thingsthatrred the bust is 40" and it is 25" from the shoulder to hem
fowleral@bedizzled it's a true 10 I just uploaded another picture that shows it's too big for me. I'm now more 6/8.
fowleral@akmantia thanks for the like please let me know if you have questions.
amybagnochei will buy as soon as i sell some items and have the money
aecarrenoHi @hilly620 interested? Let me know!
kpphelps4@nineteen8ty3 Thanks for the like!! Let me know if you have questions about this item. You can receive additional savings today during the Columbus day sale!
kpphelps4@leeannleeann @bride13 Thank you ladies for the likes!
kendall_maura@linsleppo thank you for the like! If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing let me know!!
kendall_maura@you1234andme thank you for the like!! If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing let me know!!
kmcowanThanks for the like @cathybowling ! I'm here if you have any questions. Hope you're having a great day! ☺️
kmcowanHi @hmvega ! Thanks for liking. I'm here if you have any questions! 😊
tregales@sugarbritchez can you bundle my likes and give me a price pls?!??
sugarbritchez@tregales $8 for 2, $12 for 3. Prices are final because they are so low already :) let me know how many for sure.. So far I have 2 👍😃
swa_dTrade? I've a nice closet ☺
mariz@swa_d Love your closet! However, I really need to sell. I can lower the price a little bit for you if interested.
norma041957@nanainlexington price for both is $23.00 but if you buy both I will discount the blouse and the shorts for $15.00 both to bundles.. and if you buy more I will give you 50% on all gently used items...god bless let me know to change prices
norma041957@nanainlexington are you still interested on this two items... god bless
ctcreegtNo trade? Price negotiable?
ctcreegtPlease don't sell while negotiating. Its happened four in 2 days to me.
maloney35@carrie1977 I can do 12$ for both likes😍
maloney35@sanaz25430 Hi thanks for the like😍I do bundle deals and fast shipping if interested
ladyivy52660I was wondering if we could put together a bundle?
queenmumm@ladyivy52660 hi, Lisa! Sure, I love to bundle! So is it just this and the black lacy mock turtleneck? Together it will be $12 and I'll build the listing. Before I do, here's a special offer just for you - if you add any other item priced at $6-8, I'll bundle ALL THREE for $15. Just let me know. Thanks! 👑😊👑
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