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wendilandia@mznbtwen for get it, seems like you don't want to sell.
mznbtwen@wendilandia I sent a request for the money as well as a invoice and I have an email to prove it. If u didn't get it that's not my fault.
natgallo@mznbtwen aw man! I need these for a gift for my nieces :( do u trade?
mznbtwen@natgallo sorry I don't see anything I want
alleyesonbeeeOk thnx do they come in a box or anything
mznbtwen@alleyesonbeee no box but it will be packed well
jbthompsonHey oretty lady are these real heavy? I ask because heavy earings hang and it looks bad unless its a clip? Very pretty
cynthiacrit@jbthompson Light as can be. Not heavy.
abolin38@happyb1 I would be more than happy to answer any questions about this beautiful ring on here☺✌
abolin38@caitlin3281 @hpresley86 @flygal1013 @suelynna 🚨Price cut!!!🚨 Just reduced!!!😁💞🌴🌴
cynthiacrit@xsrizr Aqua already in my closet. Check it out.
cynthiacrit@blorrainet These rings are second to none. Three color choices. I own them all.
motastiicCongratulations on your beautiful host pick! 💖🎉
kyliebrienn@bellanblue hello! Thank you for the like and for browsing my closet 😊 Can I answer any questions for you?
reedg22You have a great closet! I can't wait to show my daughter your jewelry!
cynthiacritThank you. Check out my FB page for more. PINKTULIPexquisiteaccessories.
abolin38@ritabrandon Thank you for your like!!!😁💞🌴 LMK If You Have Any Questions!!!😁💞🌴
abolin38@theresajude Thank you for the like!!!😁Please LMK If I can answer any questions about this stunning bracelet!!!😁💞🌴🌴
dmorganWhere did you get these?
mznbtwen@dmorgan I received them as a gift, are u interested?
msjxoWhat do u mean it doesnt match up? Lol
fabfashion4you@msjxo pink is slightly off center to the metal.
paperroseYou're very welcome. It was my pleasure sharing this as a HP😊🎉💕😘✨
fabfashion4you@mhollie would you like to bundle your likes?
fabfashion4you@clahr09 hi! I have fast shipping if you would love to have this!💐
cmpage@msheathab thanks for the like 💕let me know if you're interested
cmpage@sophie5000 thanks for the like 💕let me know if you're interested
jbthompsonDonu still have snaffle but equestrian bracelet? If so r u firm?
cynthiacrit@baylesofhay Let me know! Two color options. Really cute earrings.
sbleeker@cynthiacrit whoooo hoo!!! I had my son in October, my niece was born Monday, that makes three for my mom, her favorite thing in the world is being a nana, congrats to you and your family!
cynthiacrit@sbleeker Beside myself happy. Heading to post office right now.
cynthiacrit@gadu Thanks. These are quite special.
cynthiacrit@inthera Thank you for all the likes.
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