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alanap@naslean thanks for the like. If ur interested let me know 😀
alanap@ellaturnipseed thanks for the like if ur interested let me know 😀
mrshljones@oonuts Thanks so much for the likes! Lmk if you're interested in bundling.. I give great discounts on bundles and I'd be happy to give you a quote! 😊
mrshljones@jennyferdianne Thanks so much for liking! LMK if you're interested... I give great discounts on bundles also! 😊
qnzsh0rty20@navinav I just added the pictures hun. You interested?
navinav@qnzsh0rty20 thank you! :) yes, but I'm debating between a few; will let ya know :)
amyballam@kelbree131 could this be used as a gym bag?
kelbree131@amyballam i personally wouldnt use it as a gym bag but it would depend on how and what you take to the gym
rosie2483@kpinay91 hey and this is silver logo let me check the size one sec
rosie2483@kpinay91 Measures approximately 14 (l) x 10 (h) inches x 6 inches (d).
haileyluvThank you for posting the pics! Is it new or used?
qnzsh0rty20@haileyluv It was used 3 times hun, but looks new - I can just lie and say its new lol but I'd rather let you know. It's such a beautiful bag and so spacey. 😊👍
kelbree131@patray1 It does zip and i am not looking to trade. Sorry
patray1@kelbree131 ok thx! Love the bag!
lindsayrose@jillkr Thanks for the love doll! Let me know if you have any Q's! Best, L🌹😘
lindsayrose@fatgirl1 Thank you so much for your love! Let me know if you have any questions dear! Warm Regards, L🌹😘
jessicacampbell@fwf246 Rae Thank You soo much for selecting this listing for last night's party!! I was soo happy and thrilled👯💖💖 Thank You😘
qnzsh0rty20@duran3 you can email me above @ qnzsh0rty20@aol.com - shorty with a number zero in it. We can further discuss there 😊
christinac__@stevanyd sorry, I'm only looking to sell right now. maybe we can work out a deal if you're still interested !
lindsayrose@christy4663 Thanks!😊 Let me know if I can answer any questions for you dear! All the Best, L🌹
trinad1@barbie04 sorry, not right now. Thanks for likes.
misspinkqueenDang I was going say 45
lymoore209@kitzia2696 hey thanks for the like, don't forget the free gift with purchase, let me know if you have questions💝 I would love to ship this to you tomorrow
lymoore209@andreawarchol hey thanks for the like, I will make you a great deal on this?
jessicacampbell@neelug You are super sweet💜 Thank You for sharing my closet! And I imagine you must be very tired from work, don't worry about the app💕 we have a lot of fun here too! 👯
t_ms_sincerityBeautiful handbag!❤️😘@jessicacampbell
ashleydianneThis is a bright good correct? I seen a similar one on here but it's a little darker
anny52667@ashleydianne . Yes it is bright and very glittery!
lbdyerWhat is the lowest you would take?
rawrie@lbdyer I can't go much lower than this. I can offer free shipping and take off another $5 for you.
duhaihaSorry I decided to go with another one for a different color, but thanks for the offer. Hope to shop with you next time :)
rawrie@duhaiha Ok no problem, thanks for letting me know and I'll see you next time.
emilyjaye18Is it still available? I'm interested but I don't get paid until Friday
rawrie@emilyjaye18 It is available and I also have a wristlet of this exact color listed.
gia1210Do you bundle?
rawrie@gia1210 Yes of course! While most of my prices are firm and at their lowests, I can offer further discounts on bundles.
sadoreI really want this!!!
rawrie@sadore This is available, let me know if you have any questions!
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