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teri81It's cute. The scarf is a plus. Im thinkin it belongs with me :-) ...now I have to convince the hubz!
caroleadams@teri81 lol good luck....😀😀
lilblondebook@kate73 hi! What is your lowest price? Feel free to peek at my closet if your interested in anything let's make a deal ❤️
kate73@lilblondebook sorry I don't trade at all and I can do 260
megsmit@kelly9090 elliot lucca is the brand :) thank you!
megsmit@jacki13 interested?
caroleadams@adelariva well I'm down to about 25 now.... Thank goodness.....but I keep getting more....l
marly911Ok, there was no warning. Back to that again...lol
jflores55Thanks for the like @krisy0731 :) let me know if you have any questions!
jflores55@banzman55 thanks for the like!! I'm open to price offers :) let me know if you have any questions.
mft915Welcome to posh if you have any questions let me know good luck and have fun. !!!
jmp769@mft915 thank you so much!
canueven14Thank you but a little bigger then I'm looking for.
kaileescloset@canueven14 no prob. Thanks for considering it!
rooxyOk hun thank you so very much for answering all my question very fast. Great seller! I will defiantly get back to you. Thank you!
sooochic@rooxy , my pleasure. Thank you for your kind words. Have a great evening and Happy Holidays! ❤️👍😀❤️
linsleppo👯👯👯👯👯This is BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!!! Like Lindsay Lohan! 😳 Congrats on your HP! 😜😘😘😘
pamelam🎉🎈😘Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the mooorning!!🎉🎈🎊EXCEPT getting a HOST PICK!!🎉🎈🎊CONGRATS!!🎉🎈🎊
lac700@briannapantina thanks for the likes! If you're interested I can bundle this with the floral dress for $34 :)
gurl25Ok no prob 😊
jamie27@ad_lib thanks for the like! would you be interested?
chuchala99@jacquelyn_rizzo 🙋hi! Thanks for taking some time to share from my closet. Love your taste in fashion it's beautiful💋😘
jacquelyn_rizzoThanks so much! :) Happy new year!!
megsmit@amyrbridges thanks! let me know if you are interested in purchasing!
chuchala99@sherilonw 🙋hi! Thanks for stopping by closet. If I can answer any questions about this awesome tote bag please lmk💋
chuchala99@ladytee507 🙋hi! Thanks for stopping by my closet sharing some items and for your likes. If you have any questions or if you like to bundle your likes especially with the postage offer please lmk💋
monette_adamsWhat is your lowest price?
nicolec0625@monette_adams this is for sure because of the 20% I just lowered from 250
punkindoodlezIs this authentic? Can you post more pics?
fiadaIt not real mk
jamie27@hellokitty33 - thanks for sharing!
jamie27@rtrager65 - thanks for liking! would you be interested?
cheald13@meb1971 I'm willing to sell for $45 if you're interested!
cheald13@alisniemont thanks for the like! I'm willing to negotiate so feel free to make me an offer!!!
modanista@julielovesgus thanks for the like! Interested? :)
modanista@wwalkiria thanks for the like! Lmk if you have any questions☺️
starletekq@chestnutlane1 Ty for the like, everything in my closet is buy one get one 50% off if you are interested.
starletekq@58lane54 Ty for the like, everything in my closet is buy one get one 50% off if you are interested
jamie27@pianochk - if you don't use pp then $5 posh is fine? Ate you ready to purchase now?
jamie27@hburkett12 - thanks for sharing!
starletekq@bmasluk32 Ty for the like, everything in my closet is buy one get one 50% off if you are interested
starletekq@onceuponathyme Ty for the like, everything in my closet is buy one get one 50% off if you are interested
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