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kroby13can buy for $25 considering a new similar one is on sale at urban for $29
indie@kroby13 no thank you . I bought it on retail price
marissav77I love anything with flowers... very fashionable purse..😍 sharing. ..
elle_e@tanazer @summerlove20 I'm happy to discount bundles so let me know if you find anything else you like in my closet! 💌
elle_e@lemats1030 no problem! Let me know if you have any other questions 😊
imusthave_thatThose r my sorority colors but can't afford $90, how about $40?
siekittyninjaThank you for the follow. Let me know if you're interested in anything. All prices are negotiable& I do bundles. 💗
brookemossIf you ever get desperate I will give you $100. I know, long shot :)
allygirl1964Thank you for your interest! @brookemoss
lilyhopeWill you go any lower on the price?
allygirl1964I wish I could! I have no wiggle room on the kate spade items. So sorry!! It actually needs to be higher, as original retail is 228. 😞@lilyhope
iluvhandbags@allygirl1964 Congrats on your Girly Girl Host Pick! 👏💞
chuchala99I love anything really feminine. I love any sort of girly detail - anything with a bow or a heart on it, I'm immediately in love with. -Lauren Conrad 🎉🎈It's a Girly Girl Host Pick congrats😘💜
kimikochan@liltam thanks for the like! 😊💕
kimikochan@shopforever2014 thanks for liking! Bundle discounts! 😊🎉
luvbucs28Good price , just admiring , trying to save for a cute Coach bag
caseyisdancinghey girl! i love your closet, come check out mine? I have stuff that i REALLY need to get rid of so please feel free to bundle, and i'll give you it for a GREAT reduced price! <3
miaddiggs@malladdict aaww thank you! 🌼
malladdict@miaddiggs hey Mia can u also leave feedback on my ad for the red bag? Thanks😊
elle_e@bre122306 thanks for the like! I discount bundles so let me know if you see anything else in my closet! 💌
wineyblondeOk... Your closet is so beautiful I am reaffirming the idea that all debit/credit cards need to be frozen in big blocks of ice! (The good news is I have professional strength hair dryers in the event of an emergency! LOL)
onecaratdiamond@wineyblonde Thank you Dana😘Such an awesome compliment YAY!!! I will be here when you are ready to flash flood your place :) BIG Lol
txbettyHaha just read the description! Too funny.
jjaquess❤️❤️❤️❤️ your description!! I love them too. Haha!
nkhob🎉CONGRATULATIONS on your awesome DOWNTOWN CHIC PARTY Host Pick!👏👏💃💃
knhwang@jackieg it's yours!!! Hehe. 😃
jackieg@knhwang I'm afraid those Texas Longhorns would "stampede" me🙀
naturelover@dawnyberry @ctorr @moremair Hi ladies. 50% off this purse just this weekend. LMK and I can change the price for you and make this beauty yours. :0)
onecaratdiamond@bedacastro Thank you for the like :) let me know if I can answer any questions
sarahwfin@onecaratdiamond but seriously keep the blue sweater or whatever you want to out of the package.
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