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gracethedawnI don't either🌸 very cute sounds comfortable and sexy😍 I just started only sold 1 item. As I build my bank I will keep it my likes for now🌴🌴🌴😎🌴🌴🌴 thanks
bflores1011@gracethedawn if you're still interested this is on sale for $7 :) ❤️
nievesshops@dallaskenna no prob hun 💕 Good luck.
nievesshops@caitiebug88 thanks for the like 😉 lmk if ur interested in a bundle with the nude heels 💕💕
anonymousityis the lace vest for sale by any chance? It looks gorgeous!
caeolyn77@missposhtrendy absolutely luv your closet! Happy poshing to u
emjolly0523@teenmcquaide @amleo128 HI there, tahnks for checking out my closet.. let me know of youre interested! I can negotiate :)
emjolly0523@ongyang HI there, I noticed you likd a few of my items.. I can put together a discounted bundle for you if youd like!
smileyfacekate@emsly222 how about both tops and the dress for the 2 jeans ? :)
smileyfacekate@emsly222 do you still want to trade? I am willing to trade both tops you like and the dress for the jeans ... Let me know :)
christiroosWhat is the length of the skirt?
ksfHi @christiroos the skirt is 18 inches in length. It probably has only been worn once if that! Interested??
lindysweetsI will think about it. Thank you.
ericanoelx3@lindysweets okay :) I am always welcome to offers too
pattimcattack@bobo33 Is this navy blue? Hard to tell from pictures.
bobo33@pattimcattack hi is black Hun lmk if u have any other questions😊
bobo33@christamiller69 thanks hun let me know if you have any questions everythings negotiable ! 😊
bobo33@csmile521 thanks hun let me know if you have any questions everythings negotiable ! 😊
lawgirl22@jhile9490 is this see through?
jhile9490@lawgirl22 it's not see through but I still wore a tank underneath it just in case!
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