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chellespinHi! I am ready to purchase. Tag me when you change the price. Thank you sooo much!
jade_mill21@chellespin all set for you! I'll get it shipped on Monday when I'm back in town
wagilliamThank you so much!! Love the wallet and the goodies. You are so sweet
kdmcdivitt@wagilliam yay!! So glad u like everything :0)
lesamoistHave you made a decision about selling just the purse?
stschuor@lesamoist yes I will sell it for $58 it's been used once
krittrmom🎉Love it! The set is way fun & the dress is a classic. Thank you!!! @crazyposh
crazyposh@krittrmom yay!!! So glad you love it!!!! :) that's exactly what I like to hear. :) let me know if I ever can help you with anything else. I'm about to post a BUNCH OF half off stuff all brand new with tags FYI ;)
annesannkthank you!!
mary_reid@annesannk thanks! I'll get this ready to ship out on my way to the airport tomorrow :)
mary_reid*** anyone else interested I have one more of these, new but without a tag. Happy to list it! ***
mary_reid@tonsofcurlz I do have one more of these but it has a weak clasp (I should be able to tweak it with pliers anyway). I'd be happy to list it for 15 if you'd be interested :)
gingercats@codysmomma ... Hi Sandi- I would take $30- it's brand new & great for spring. Thx
beachbumamadaHi Brittany, Thank you for shipping the bag so promptly. I received it today and accepted it already. I like it very much. You made my first Posh purchase experience a very pleasurable one. Will keep following you for sure.😊
bltjunior@beachbumamada yay! I'm so glad you're happy with it. Thanks again. :)
lesleeb23I actually do have the wallet but I have carried it continuously and it is extremely worn. Sorry.
derbygirlJust got it today and i Love love love it! Thanks @mary_reid !! 💜💜💜
mary_reid@derbygirl I'm so glad!! Spartina makes such great pieces!!
loulou07@mary_reid ill take them! :)
mary_reid@loulou07 awesome I'm excited for you to get them :) will ship tomorrow!
lesamoistDo you know when you will be able to send it?
heidibenn@lesamoist I will ship it out tomorrow. Also when you receive it be sure to sign in to poshmark and release the payment. Thanks again & I hope you enjoy😊
mmcdonald0123@mary_reid got it!! And I'm in love ❤ thanks!!
mary_reid@mmcdonald0123 I'm so glad!! If anything else calls to you just let me know ;)
juju83I'll take it! Thanks so much, can't wait! I'll purchase as soon as I see the price adjustment. :)
amytpearce@juju83 Hi! My apologies for the delay as I wasn't getting notifications for some reason! Your listing is all set. Thank you!! 😊
lcu960i just bought please ship together and dont charge me the extra shipping ok thanks i love spartina
cstina23I shopped them both today and used the shipping label from the bigger bag. I don't decide the shipping Poshmark sent me the label but both are on the way as if today. Thanks so much!!
melaniebanks718@madelev do you have anymore spartina? This is how I found your closet:-)
madelev@melaniebanks718 unfortunately not at this time 😔 but if I list anymore I'll be sure and tag you!
kes0317Available? Best price?
aaronmommy11@kes0317 yes Hun, I have it! I can do 20 Paypal or 17 on posh mark that way your shipping would be free! Let me know so I can change the price
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