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spadoni57@dalemacaz if those sandals work they would be great with the pink dress as an alternate and you can mix pink and red a lot!! The flower adds something and the jacket is nice and plain against a lace dress thats pale pink. If the jacket is a nit fitted and not like a box it will be perfect. Ask her to try it on!!
dalemacaz@spadoni57 I'm waiting for a pic of the jacket on, I asked 3 hrs ago, I asked her to tag you too
breanna5568@jmsevri I know! Some other lucky person will have to enjoy your shoes :-)
jgg1417@dw_style what brand are these cuties? Wish they were 7
dw_style@jgg1417 they are from shoedazzle
esthepania@dw_style How much for three shoes?
dw_style@esthepania it would be $110 for all three, all my prices are marked to my lowest. Let me know and I'll bundle and ship tmrw! 😃
little_bit_hp🍷🍷 cheers to your host pick 🍷🍷
lovelylala👏🎀✨🎉 CONGRATULATIONS on your HOST PICK 🎉✨🎀👏
mareeuhhh@roldan04 thanks for your like! Let me know if there's anything I can help you with :)
mareeuhhh@katcharron thanks for the like! Let me know if u have any questions :) I give 10% off bundles if you're interested in anything else
tannireec@missindiarae Interested? They are still available & so cute for Spring or Summer. :)
lindsayrose@jhinton76 hi, thanks for asking but I didn't see anything I need at this time. Happy to discount a bundle for you with these, and the three piece jewelry set. :)
trisha79Let me know if you will tame 10
ashdrue@sarah_toth Hey there. Could you do $25 for these? Also, I'm a size 7, but can sometimes fit in an 8 if they run small. How do these run?
sarah_toth@ashdrue I think they fit true to size. And the lowest I could do is $28
lluna0227@bholiday Sure can! And about these shoes I'm gonna say probably not since they are Shoedazzle shoes. I will check for you when I get home!
lluna0227@mschina thank you for your like. Please let me know if you have any questions!
princessmarlo@nvglam no I haven't yet but I will check it out now!! I love shoes!! 👟👞👡👠👢
sarahjordanxSharing :)
lennonrenee@melysev3033 Thank you for the like! Interested? : )
lennonrenee@xobowtiquexo Thanks for the likes! If interested, I discount bundles😊💕
lennonrenee@flteacher15 I love these!! With the right outfit, they're adorable!! I'm moving in 2 months, so anything I haven't worn in over a year is going! That way I can make room for new items!!😊
lennonrenee@moorepam07 Thank you for the like! Interested? : )
caren6@magnoliabelle Thanks for the share 😀
caren6@noturavrgbtch Thanks for the like. These are brand new, never worn. Let me know if you have any questions.
alypayne@lilmoma225 thanks for the like Hun. LMK if you has any questions or if you're Interested.
alypayne@sionienate thanks for your likes. LMK if you're interested in bundling your likes?
kellbell69@totalshoelover could u do 22$ for my likes hunny or do u trade
totalshoelover@kellbell69 sorry I don't trade. The lowest I can do for both pair is $30
tmcopeshello, i couldn't find the other listing to pay. the shoedazzle haily shoe was sold?
bactor23sgirl@tmcopes yeah they sold at around 11am on a different site.
spadoni57@dance270s Ok cool. Im going to think a bit more but will know for sure tomorrow!! Its my bday the 14th and my husband loves me to dress up. I thought this would surprise him with my shoes!!
kmb42So cute love the lighting on the cover
sk06863@cseefried thanks hun I'll take a look!
cseefried@cbarden Interested? I can bundle your 3 likes and give you an amazing discount!! Just let me know 😊
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