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augustpinkstyle@sashboutique Thank you so much for sharing one of my Louboutins which was a HP last night during the Weekend Wear Party! I came by to share a few of your items and to say hello! Have a wonderful week ahead of you!!💕💕
sashboutique@augustpinkstyle You are so welcome! You have the most awesome closet ever!! So glad they were a host pick, they were most deserving!!!! Thank you for all your shares and may you have a wonderful week as well!!! Sending Posh Sales blessings your way!!! Lol! 💕 💕 💕 💕
starrentthank you I will take a picture this evening shortly and post it for you if you are interested
starrentjust posted some more pics on the jacket and the black-and-white shoes for those who are interested
spadoni57@dance270s Ok cool. Im going to think a bit more but will know for sure tomorrow!! Its my bday the 14th and my husband loves me to dress up. I thought this would surprise him with my shoes!!
kmb42So cute love the lighting on the cover
lindsayrose@jhinton76 hi, thanks for asking but I didn't see anything I need at this time. Happy to discount a bundle for you with these, and the three piece jewelry set. :)
trisha79Let me know if you will tame 10
lil_g@jeds0623 Sorry, 17 would be my lowest.
jeds0623@lil_g sorry too thats only i can offer.thanks for quick reply.
w112961What's the lowest ?
lil_g@w112691 I will consider reasonable offers. Also give bundle discounts.
lilslinky08@dollydiva101 yes! i love these! but i have a shipping question. can i email you?
dollydiva101Sure email is bush_erica@yahoo.com @lilslinky08
mschinaThank you I think they're nice.
lluna0227@mschina if you see anything else you'd like, I can bundle them for you! You'd get a discount on both the items!
pienaj@bellasoto here you go doll. LMK when you see it so I can remove the post.
bellasotoOk thank u!
eligene02@pienaj thanks for the pics I will definitely buy them friday
eligene02Can you hold both till Friday?
mrsminerosOnly interested in selling. Sorry. We can negotiate if you're still interested :) @mar1231
esthepania@dw_style How much for three shoes?
dw_style@esthepania it would be $110 for all three, all my prices are marked to my lowest. Let me know and I'll bundle and ship tmrw! 😃
little_bit_hp🍷🍷 cheers to your host pick 🍷🍷
lovelylala👏🎀✨🎉 CONGRATULATIONS on your HOST PICK 🎉✨🎀👏
sk06863@cseefried thanks hun I'll take a look!
cseefried@cbarden Interested? I can bundle your 3 likes and give you an amazing discount!! Just let me know 😊
cseefried@ilraknames Thanks for sharing!
cseefried@rfp123 thanks for the like! Let me know if you have any questions 😊
caren6@magnoliabelle Thanks for the share 😀
caren6@noturavrgbtch Thanks for the like. These are brand new, never worn. Let me know if you have any questions.
vspink_queen98@jennys_walkin thanks for the like! I just wanted to let you know that all items are 5 for $32 pp shipped or $30 on Poshmark! Tonight only :)
vspink_queen98@elizabeth95c please let me know if you're interested in the 6 for $36 F&F paypal deal or 6 for $42 Poshmark deal. I can ship today :)
bbrindis@foreveronly1 thanks for all the shares!!
bbrindis@nataliemm18 these too. Lol. Just showing you which ones are officially labeled a 6 1/2. But again, the Madden's slip off my feet.
bbrindis@stylzoo thanks for the like!
bbrindis@angelica1201 thanks so much for your likes! I offer great discounts on bundles just so you know ;)
shymo@danifhasion52 thanks sooo much for the like!❤️ please Lmk if your interested in buying or have any questions at all! I do great bundle deals and willing to negotiate 😊💕
shymo@katiepacz thanks so much for the like❤️ please Lmk of your interested in buying or have any questions at all! 😊 I do great bundle deals and am always willing to negotiate 😉
purestyle@lkarr if you're interested, we'd love to make you an offer love☺
lukashenkothis is amazing ❤️❤️ i will buy it
beautify_urlife@lukashenko 😊 if you wish, you may select a second item for 50% off. Thanks
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