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sophialoran8;) and I'll include this 😊❤️
cha12Would u bundle this one and the Emma fox for $85? If so, I can buy today
sigdeveraNice how much lower
bunnypop@bettyheartwhite Thanks for the like :) are you interested in this lovely purse
auntiecoco@ktjo10 Hi! Thank you for liking my closet!!! ❤️
auntiecoco@pyehill Hi! Thank you so much for the like! ❤️
akathi@auntiecoco you are welcome. I really like this bag but hate that it's not leather.
auntiecoco@akathi I know! It's "vegan"
auntiecoco@emeraldlady thank you you for the ❤️!
auntiecoco@poshmyaddiction Hi! Thank you for the like!BOGO 1/2 off and 25% off one item spring cleaning sale! ❤️
nella8022@tams aw, yay I'm so glad!! 🌸
tams@nella8022 Me too. Finally I got my nude shoes. I've got a pair of 5.5 to put up. But they fit like their a 6.5 or 7. Happy happy 😊
ocf9000@stacybaby124 are these colors gray and taupe? This from a smoke free home? Do u have pp?
stacybaby124@ocf9000 Yes, smoke free home. I do not do paypal.
lours228@beachtomtns Tara, Hello, Let me know if I can help you with anything? I give good DISCOUNTS on bundles and single items too!!!💃💃 Thanks for your likes and shares!!! God Bless, Lauren PS. It will be on SALE on❤️❤️Feb 14th.
lours228@geesans hello, let me know if I can help you with anything? I give good DISCOUNTS on bundles and single items too! Didn't get what you wanted for the Holiday!!! 😧 Shop in my closet.. were you will find the most EXOTIC and UNIQUE pieces from all over the World. Thank you for your shares and likes!!😘Happy Valentine Day❤️❤️🌹🌹 God Bless, Lauren😇💋💋❤️
madinwonderlandI reviewed it and I absolutely LOVE it!!! 😍😍 it's even more gorgeous in person! And the perfect color! Thank you so much!
hpace0575@madinwonderland 😊😊😁😁 yay!!! I'm so glad you like it!!! Sorry it was smushed in the box I had it in a bigger box and the post office made me change it. I love it too! I just never got to use it lol. I'm so glad it has a good home!!!
omqfashionOh wow congratulations!! My birthdays in May too ;) well let me know!
jennab707@omqfashion thank you!! I think may is a great month to be born 😉
hal3yros3@jmorrison06 no prob!!!! Packing and shipping right now!!!!! ENJOY!!!!
jmorrison06❤❤❤THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH ☺
daidreamer82Does this bag come with a separate shoulder strap?
aprylpursesLoving this bag!!! 😍😍. I generally don't do any trades anymore, only because I need the money to go see my sister who is not going to be with us much longer. But, been looking for a bag similar to this style, and I love the color!!! IF you would consider doing trades, let me know. I am happy to explain how that works too, as it looks like you are new here 👍. Welcome to Poshmark!!!
lydjen@redrose21 I will be more than happy to provide more pics. I will try to take some this weekend and I will post.
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