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mcp528@dstewart47 thanks for liking♥ lmk if u have any questions... my FREEBIE SALE is still currently on, any $15 bundle gets a $6 top of ur choice.
mcp528@shondaarnold thanks for liking =) lmk if you have any questions -- If interested, many listings are on SALE -- and with bundling I can give a good deal.
hearons@contrail Sounds great. Let me know if you'd like me to create a bundle. 😊 Sorry I'm just now getting back with you. It was 2 AM my time when you commented and I was sleeping. 😑
hearons@contrail I'm pretty sure this would fit a large. It's not a snug medium. I wear larges and mediums and this fits me perfect as you see. (I outgrew smalls a good while back 😉).
mariella1979Love ALL OF YOUR CLOSET
micbum@mariella1979 aww thank you! If you're interested in me makin you a bundle then just let me know!! I try to make good bundle deals!
micbum@mommicakes thanks for the likes! Let me know if you'd be interested in making a bundle because I give at least 10% off all my bundles
madalynrayne440Hey @daska6 did you still have some questions about this item? Please feel free to email me any time!
clothinginc@rockie1973 If you are a fellow follower, I can offer a great discount on this item!👍
clothinginc@gcecygodoyd I'd be happy to offer you a fellow follower discount on this!
jelita_celeste@pattimcattack thanks for the like! Interested?
pattimcattack@jelita_celeste if it fits like a small, I don't think it would fit me. It's super cute, and I'll share it with others.
susanrfisher@beth_jock @lysstin - Here are better pics of the dress you were previously interested in. I have also reduced the asking price from $30 to $20. Please let me know if you have any questions!
xaml3erOk love... Not sure how long I'm going to keep it up but if u bundle take half off the total :)
xaml3er@tbebep name your price :)
lexwes@linds1229 if there's anything I can help with, please let me know
lilm0nkey716I'm short n I think that's too long... I'm sorry... It's said but true the inseam has to be like 29... Thanks though :)
flgal@lilm0nkey716 no problem! I am 5'4" so i understand.
ipmsdmfCould you take pic with this on? Thanks💋
missykinPlease model? Would this for a size 8 top?
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